Install Multi 5 Satellite Europe HD(1)

One dish - 5 satellites - covering France Spain Italy Germany Russia Poland & Uk

installed here in the Uk

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For those interested in most of the major European countries here is a system using the MULTI dish to receive Spain, France, Germany Russia Poland Italy and Uk Freesat channels in one installation . All the channels are FREE. The receiver supplied can be either :

Amiko ( single or twin tuner ) - no major French channels


CI+ Receiver with Fransat Card - All major French channels

This system does receive the Uk channels. Because of international differences in epg ( electronic Programme Guide ) encoding, the Amiko receivers use the internet to show the EPG via the well know "Cross EPG" system, so you know whats on and have some channel info. The other receiver ( for French ) relies on the satellite download, which can be set up in the menu system and will download at any set time, for example 3am when it is unlikely to be in use.

For areas north of Leeds the main French channels may not be available with the standard Multi dish, however I do have an alternative email me for more details

Force Frontier Dish

The Force Frontier or Wave Frontier T55, a twin reflector toroidal dish. The main reflector is 55cm wide. It can be used with 5 or more satellites . Why use a Multi dish rather than a motorised dish? For two situations, this is an ideal solution; where different satellites are required in different rooms at the same time and where very frequent changing between satellites is expected. Changing satellite, even between Astra 2 and Atlantic bird can take up to 30 seconds for a motor to reposition the dish, with the multi dish , changing satellite is instant.

Multi Room: Up to 4 receivers in different rooms can be achieved with this multi dish, making it ideal for schools, colleges, language labs or multi origin families. Also as it is a fixed position dish it is more secure, less affected by high winds. Please make sure that you specify how many receivers you want to use, as the dish is fitted with different ( multi port) LNBs for multi receiver use.

There is a big version of the Multi dish, having a larger dish size and up to 8 different satellites receiveable, also recommended if French is required in areas north of Leeds .

To discuss the Multi 5 HD system and receive quotes for your installation. Click the Quote button and fill in the details quote
Spanish & Portuguese
    Spanish and Portuguese channels from the multi dish
TVE international Andalucia
canal 24 horas russia today Aragon euro news-spanish  
RTPi Portugal Cancao Nova Record ( Brasil ) tv Verdade  
The Digital Plus subscription channels can be added at any time



Channels From Germany
Germany   German channels on the multi dish
HD channels ArD Das Erste HD ZDF HD Servus HD ARTE HD
Das Erst ARD Eins extra festival plus Sat 1
ZDF ZDF dokukanal ZDF theaterkanal ZDF Infokanal Viva
RTL 2 Super RTL Pro7 EuroSport
3 Sat sdfs N24 WDR Ferhsehen arte
Deutsche Welle HR fernsehen RTL Shop DMAX BR Alpha
Kabel Eins 9 Live Comedy Central Bahn tv
MTV Das Vierte HSE 24 Digital vox Nick
Tele5 deutsche Gesundheitsfernsehcn Dr Dish Munchen tv lskfj
MDR Fersehen MDR Thuringen MDR Sachsen NDR Mecklenburg NDR Schleswig
  Mdr Thuringen Mdr Sachsen Ndr Mecklenburg Ndr Schleswig
rbb Puls RTN my Estate NDR Schleswig On tv
volksmusic Kuren und Wellness   Franken Sat


From France

French channels on the multi dish

with Fransat Card

TF1 HD France 2hd France3 HD France4HD France 5HD
M6 HD Suisse france0 NT1 Equipe
Direct 8 Virgin 17 Gulli W0 NRJ 12
Numero 23 RMC decouvert 6Ter HD1 Cherie

i Tele

LCP assemblee Nationale TV8 Mont Blanc BFM TMC Monte Carlo
  tv5 bel Vosges tv Boutique  

This selection of French Channels is ONLY possible with the new Technisat receiver


From Italy
Italy     Italian channels on the multi dish
RAI 1 RAI Due RAI 3 RAI Gulp RAI Scuola
RAI Sport 1 RAI Sport 2 camera deputati TG Com
  TV Norba EuroNews Class Moda Class Horse
Some free Italian channels are now subject to encryption at certain times - to avoid interruption there is a TiVu Cam and Card which can be added at any time TiVu


From Poland
poland     Polish channels on the multi dish
TVP Polonia Polonia1 Fokus ITV Tele 5
Silesia Eska Mango 24 TVP Info hip hop
4 Fun 4 4 hits ntl vox
Polo tv Stars 8 TV    


From Russia
russia     Russian channels on the multi dish
Perviy kanal 1 Rossiya 24 RTR Planeta TNT STS Int
TV RUS TVOY Bestseller Noviy Mir child russia
Shanson R1 tbn russian business chn Music Box
arm Belarus Russia Today RU tv soyuz
The RTVi subscription channels can be added at any time
The Kartina IP service can be added ( requires network and fast internet ) Kartina


From Uk

All the usual Freesat channels + over 100 other Astra 2 channels

Download full list

bbc1 bbc bbc3 bbc4 news
itv1 itv2 itv3 itv4 ch5
ch4 ch5 more4 film4
E4 movies24 cbbc movies24+1
All the +1 channels available too!  


News channels in English

sky news CNN France 24 CNBC BBC world news
Bloomberg Russia Today      

Some International channels - there are too many to list !

Portugal Turkey China BBC Persia Kurdistan
Magyar2 Record
Hungary Serbia Macedonia Cyprus Brazil
Also :- Chinese, Thai, Tamil, Hungarian, Armenian, Azebahzian, Kurdish, Romanian, Portugese, Farsi, Turkish, Singhalese, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Vietnamese, Slovac


Also with the above Europe system the following can be received. Hungary, Portugal, and Middle East channels ( click to go to each page )

Multi Dish Multi Dish


To have this package installed you must have a suitable south facing wall without obstructions, email your address details for me to check the orientation of your house using Google maps and our satellite positioning software.

Go to and follow the easy instructions with video and email me the results

The receiver is tuned and the channels grouped according to language, so you can select all the channels on a satellite, or all the channels from one country/language. For example. in 'satellite' mode you could select from the Hotbird satellite , in 'favourite mode' you could select from the Spanish channels.

Multi Dish Multi dish

Force Dish LNB adjustment rail

The LNBs are positioned along the rail for the max signal from each satellite. The Technomate 0.1dB LNB (yellow) give the best results for the weaker satellites and 0.2dB (white) LNBs are good with the stronger signals

Which Receivers are Supplied for the MULTI sat Package?:


The receivers supplied are High Definition, with or without HDD ( Hard Drive) for recording

Technisat s2

Recommended Receiver for the Multi 5 installation WITH French main channels:

Alien 2

Recommended Receiver for the Multi 5 installation WITHOUT French main channels:

Amiko Twin Tuner Receiver


Recommended Receiver for Multi dish WITHOUT the main French Channels.

Also read the international satellite magazine review of the Amiko receiver


Questions? just email me or tel 07756 482 669

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