Watch Czech Satellite tv in the UK

Vítejte Češi. Nainstalujte kartu Skylink a kartu ve Velké Británii

Czech Rep and Slovakia have only a small number of free satellite channels, but as the cost of  the basic package Skylink is very low – called the “service charge”   at £47 per year , with a very good range of programming, it is well worth the cost. Other themed packages for Sport and Films can be added if required for a low  monthly fee.  I will help you acquire the Skylink account, come to install the dish and Skylink box with a new activated Skylink card.

The basic “Digital” Package includes: 

Main :CT1 HD CT2 HD, CT24, HD, STV1 HD, STV2 HD, Smíchov, TA3,

General Entertainment:FANDA HD, Markiza HD , Markiza International,  Noe TV, Nova HD, Nova International swell, Prima Comedy Central, Prima HD, Prima LOVE, RELAX,  telly, TV Barrandov HD, TV Lux, TV Regina, TV8 , WAU HD,, Spread HD,TV JOJ HD, JOJ Plus HD, JOJ Plus Kino, Barrandov, Barrandov Cinema HD KinoSvět, Nova Cinema HD, COOL HD Prima HD MAX, Prima ZOOM HD art CT,CT Sports HD, Music and lifestyle Barrandov

MUSIC: yummy TV, Ocko Rebel, retro, smash TV

Children: Barrandov Plus HD, CT: D

Finding whats on Czech tv is really easy with the two    TV guides  at the bottom of the page

UPC Direct and Digi tv Czech – I can install these for you, if you already have the box and card, but there are now no UK suppliers for Digi tv.

Click the Quote Me button to get a FREE map survey and Quotation for SkyLink Subscription channels Package

What receiver will I get with this package?  Thomson or Zircon dedicated skylink HD receiver and card

Single lnb coated steel 80cm dish from Triax or Technomate,  with tm1 or similar good lnb, with low noise and high gain. Skylink installation is possible in England Scotland or Wales

Click the Quote Me button to get a FREE map survey and Quotation for Free channels Package

The free Channels from Czech Rep and Slovakia, they include TA3, CT24, TV8, Slagr, Ocko, Relax, Rebel and Ocko Star

What receiver is recommended for the free Czech / Slovak Channels package – Amiko HD 265, Simple to use, easy to organise and reliable

Single lnb 80cm  coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate, which works in all areas of the UK

If you want to combine Czech Skylink or Czech free channels package  with channels from another satellite, eg English Freesat ,  French or German, you can choose a motorised dish or a multi satellite dish . The Thomson Skylink and the Amiko HD are  both capable of multi-satellite tuning.

Wave Frontier T55 wide angle dish

Motorised 1m dish can receive any satellite from 30 degrees west to 42 east, in most places.

Multi satellite Wide angle dish with up to 4 or 5 satellites on a Toroidal dish with 40 degree spread

Multi sat ( up to 4 or 5 satellites ) on a standard Parabolic dish – 20 degree spread



Whats On Czech TV tonight?

Either of these online magazines will give you the full details of all your favourite Czech Viewing tonight

13 thoughts on “Watch Czech Satellite tv in the UK”

  1. Hi there, I’d like to get Slovak tv and some Czech too, but where would I get the things I need, please? And how much would it cost?

    • No Problem I do Czech all the time. Go to the Czech page and click the Quote Me button then fill in the form. IF you need help with the coordinates please watch the video or visit the help page. ( follow the link coordinates_help I’ll get back to you with a quote for the job.

  2. My wife watched Czech TV transmitted by UPC with subscription costs of £35 per month and Andrew re-aligned the dish and supplied and fitted the equipment to receive Skylink at a third of the monthly cost, with more channels, for which he quoted a most reasonable price. Furthermore he connected to a complex multi TV system at no further cost. After completion, he has continued to monitor the performance and offered useful advice on the operation of parts of the system that are outside the scope of his supply, in his anxiety that we should be completely satisfied with the installation.

    Thank-you, Andrew, for this rare service and I recommend Satellite TV Europe to anyone requiring a Czech/Slovak TV service in the U.K.

      • Zdravim a dobry den,mela.bych zajem o Vami nabizene sluzby co se tyka CZ a SK TV ..bydlim ve Skotsku dekuji za odpoved a pekny den Monica

        • Ahoy Monika,

          Happy to install for you in Scotland.

          If you could fill in the online form, it will calculate the cost automatically and I’ll then check using Google maps if it is possible.
          please fill in the quote form :
          For a quote , please fill in the quote form :
          1. Go to coordinates help page and watch this video Coordinates Help Video
          2. Click the “Quote Me” button next to it, or click this link Quote Me


  3. Hi,

    I have Skylink card for Czech tv. Just need to get new receiver with automatic tuning as I had enough of keep tuning everytime something change. I have at the moment Technomate TM-6800HD. Could you recommend any receiver for automatic tuning, pls ?
    Thank you Eva

    • Ahoj Alena,

      Just fill in the Quote form online and i’ll sort out the costs and options for you.
      For a quote , please fill in the quote form :
      1. Go to home page and watch this video Coordinates Help Video
      2. Click the “Quote Me” button next to it, or click this link Quote Me
      Best Regards

  4. Hi All,
    I had my satellite dish installed for czech/slovak channels last month by Andrew. The job done was excellent and to my full satisfaction.
    I would highly recommend Andrew to anybody for the job.
    Many thanks


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