German Satellite News

Like the UK and Turkey, German Austrian and Swiss channels have always included their top broadcasting for free. In the German Language,  over recent years there have been a string of offerings which have been … less than successful.

Sky Deutschland goes on and on, more expensive than ever and now most of the UK sellers have stopped supplying, but if you can purchase in Germany, I can install it for you. 

The oddly named FreeNet – a subscription service ! was unable to build up a sufficient number of customers and is to close at the end of the year. 

HD+ which is still thriving and offers its channels with or without the Bundesliga – a big draw as it is a huge saving over Sky Deutschland for Football. 

Diveo which only launched in 2018, failed despite a very promising looking programme schedule , it closed its doors in Nov 2019. HD+ gained some customers from Diveo with a good offer, making their platform more stable.

Services from Germany are however on the move, in November 2020 it was announced that many of the SD ( standard definition ) channels are to be upgraded to HD by the end of the year and then the SD channels will close. So make sure you have an HD or UHD box for your German reception by then…. or it will be a blank screen ! 

I will put my recommended receivers on this page eventually, but meantime just drop me an email for a list of the most popular receivers that I install.

Technisat S6

German made Technisat make the S6 (HD) and the Digiplus (UHD) receivers for German tv.