How to find your map coordinates

Once you have contacted us to inquire about tv from your country , there are some simple checks you can make to see if reception is possible. It is rare to find a property which cannot have a dish mounted somewhere.

1. Watch the Help Video

2. Use the Map GeoCoder

Link to GeoCoder – Just enter your postcode to start

3. Use Google Maps

You Can Use Google Maps either on a PC/MAC or even on a Phone – with GoogleMaps app or in a browser.

The ideal situation is a house wall which is South facing, ( If you do not have a compass, South is where the Sun is at midday ) ( Sky dishes point roughly South East )

To help me see whether your installation is going to be straightforward or may have obstacles in the way, I need to locate your house on one of the internet maps, preferrably Google maps. If you can follow these few instructions to send me the map coordinates , then I’ll do the rest.

Once I’ve seen where the angle of the satellite involved meets your house I will suggest a suitable dish mounting position and send you a picture of the house and satellite direction for your approval.

1. Zoom right into your house on Google maps

Now place the mouse over your house and RIGHT click –


If you are using Google Maps on a Phone, Get the ‘Satellite’ view not the map view, enter your postcode , zoom in, then simply hold a finger down on the house and a PIN marker will appear, the coordinates will be underneath or in the search bar.

You should now have a green arrow  over the house.

If its not exactly in the right place try again

Now  read off the coordinates which should be in the address bar or in the pop up box

Simply copy and paste into  the coordinates box on the form

When I receive the form I can work out where the satellite is and select a place to put the dish

With the line of direction of the satellite superimposed, we can clearly see that the installation is possible and where the best place to mount the dish will be