Spanish Satellite tv in the UK

Spanish satellite tv is one of the most popular requests in the UK. Spanish language channels are on several satellites

  • Astra 1 19.2° east
  • Hotbird 13º east
  • Eutelsat 9° east
  • Hispasat 30° west

There are 5 possible ways to get Spanish channels, from the few Free to Air channels, to the very expensive Movistar prepaid Cards. As well as the channels from mainland Spain there are also some Spanish speaking channels from Mexico, Central and South America

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    Spain Free Channels

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    TVE int, TVE news24, Canal Sur Andalucia, Aragon , Galicia, Telesur, Cuba, Extremadura, RT Espana, Hispan ( RT is currently off air due to Ban )

    Equipment for Spanish Satellite tv Package 1

    note: In March 2020 TVEi and TVEnews24 moved to the Hotbird satellite- the others are on Astra – so a 2 lnb dish is required to receive all channels 

    Spanish from Astra and Hotbird satellites

    Two lnb coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate,  with tm1 or similar good lnbs, with low noise and high gain. This combination gives good signal strength in all uk areas. The dishes have good longevity, for good signal margin in all weathers a 80cm dish is best, but if the signal is good a 65cm will work ok.

    Amiko model MIRA X

    What receiver will I get with Spain 1 package?  The reliable and versatile Amiko Mira X, the latest in the HD mini-series from Amiko.

    2022 UPDATE OF FREQUENCIES : Spanish Channels on Astra 1, Hotbird and Hispasat Satellites:

    Canal 24 Horas13.0°EHotbird 12303 V27500DVB-S2HD
    TVE Internacional13.0°EHotbird 12303 V27500DVB-S2HD
    Hispan13.0°EHotbird 10775 H29900DVB-S2HD
    Telesur13.0°EHotbird 12303 V27500DVB-SSD
    Aragón TV Internacional19.2°EAstra 111318 V22000DVB-SSD
    Canal Extremadura19.2°EAstra 111377 V22000DVB-S2SD
    Canal Portada19.2°EAstra 110847 VDVB-SSD
    Canal Sur Andalucía19.2°EAstra 111156 V22000DVB-SSD
    Galicia TV Europa19.2°EAstra 111377 V22000DVB-S2HD
    Cubavision19.2°EAstra 111508 V22000DVB-SSD
    RT Español19.2°EAstra 111377 V22000DVB-S2hD
    Telesur19.2°EAstra 111067 V22000DVB-SHD
    Aragón TV30.0°WHispasat 11330 H22000DVB-S2SD
    Canal Parlamento30.0°WHispasat 10890 VDVB-SSD

    TDT Spain

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    TVE 1, TVE1HD, TVE 2, TVE2 HD, Antena 3HD, CuatroHD,TelecincoHD, La SextaHD , TVE 24 News
    kids: TVE Clan, Disney, Boing
    Films: Paramount
    Sport: TDP, TDPHD, Gol, Real Madrid,
    Entertainment: Energy, Factoria de Ficcion, Neox,
    Nova, 13tv , Mega, TEN, D Kiss, BeMad. Atres Series
    Documentary: DMax , Religeon: Divinity
    Catalan : TV3, TV3HD, TV3-33, sX3, 3-24 News, Esport,  IB3 Global

    Equipment for TDT Spain

    Further North than the midlands, a 1metre dish or bigger may be required

    In southern areas, Brighton up to Luton, an 80cm dish is ok.

    For the TDT channels, the TDT HD box is the only receiver available. The original SD Standard Definition box is no longer in production. The high cost is probably due to manufacturing under license for the rights to broadcast Movistar channels. However, with no subscription to pay it is still a LOT cheaper than Movistar

    It is NOT programmable, channels cannot be added, the USB connector is for factory use only and NOT for recording.

    MoviStar Spain

    This platform was originally called Canal plus, then changed to Digital Plus and now its Movistar. Also, this Spanish satellite tv package was available from both Astra 1 and Hispasat, but now only on Astra 1 satellite at 19.2° east

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    All Canal+ (Movistar) packages are available

    • Familiar
    • Familiar with Sport
    • Familiar with Cinema
    • Familiar with Toros
    • Familiar with All Football
    • Familiar Sport Total
    • Familiar Premier Total

    A new monthly subscription account is no longer possible out of mainland Spain

    New customers in Spain are now being offered OTT services dependent on their region and may not be able to have a satellite account.

    The only possible way in the UK is now the prepaid 18month Cards, which are available for every package shown above

    Televisa (Mexico)

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    Spanish Channels package Televisa

    Televisa Networks tv

    Amiko model MIRA X
    80cm Triax

    Equipment for Televisa Spanish tv

    The Televisa signal is strong throughout the UK, an 80cm or even a 65cm is adequate for good reception. The Amiko receiver has a suitable card slot for Televisa

    Spain Multi Satellite

    If you want ALL of the Spanish satellite tv channels above, from ALL or some of the satellites above or If you want to combine Spain with channels from other satellites you can choose a motorised dish or a multi satellite dish. Tell me you requirements and i’ll send you an estimate.

    Spanish tv on motor dish
    Spanish tv on a multi satellite dish
    Multi-sat Parabolic dish
    Spanish TV on a Toroidal wide angle dish
    Multi-sat Toroidal dish

    A 1metre dish with a diseqc motor can receive European, African and Asian satellites from 30° w to 56° east

    read – Motor Dish Page

    A standard fixed position parabolic dish can be fitted with up to 4 LNBs for multi-satellite reception, eg France, Germany, Italy & Spain

    read – All Europe dish

    A Special fixed position toroidal dish can be fitted with up to 8 LNBs for wide angle 40° multi-satellite reception

    read – All About Toroidal dishes

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