Watch satellite tv from Belgium in the UK

Belgiums Telesat is a subscription service having The 3 Belgian national channels and French National channels for the Dutch and French speaking audience.

There are several packages. Basic and Basic Plus can also have TV Vlaanderen added, which includes the Dutch mainland channels NPO 1,2 and 3. For the full Dutch package see Canal Digitaal 

For a complete list of channels in each package, with annual renewal prices please email. For installation and equipment including the special receivers for Telesat please use the Quote Me button

Free Channels from Belgium – none although BVN broadcasts from Netherlands and Belgium. BVN has recently ceased to broadcast on Astra 1  satellite and is now only on Hotbird 13 east

65cm dish Subscription channels

What receiver comes with the Telesat package?

Telesat single tuner receiver from M7 with integral card

Or the twin  tuner receiver from M7 with integral card and recording drive ( needs twin lnb dish )

Single lnb coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate,  with tm1 (single) or tm2 (twin) lnb, with low noise and high gain. This combination gives good signal strength in most uk areas.


If you want to combine Belgium with other satellites you can choose a motorised dish or a multi satellite dish 

Wave Frontier T55 wide angle dish

Motorised 1m dish can receive any satellite from 30 degrees west to 42 east, in most places.

More On Motorised

Multi sat on a standard dish (above)

Multi sat on a wide angle dish (right)

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