Watch Hotbird Satellite Channels

A simple Hotbird satellite dish and receiver enables viewers to see many free TV channels

The Hotbird series of satellites serve all of Europe with  channels from many European, Arabic and Asian countries. 

It’s powerful beam has very good coverage over the UK, so is easy to do and is a favourite for many viewers

Hotbird Free

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All of the free Hotbird Channels

Hotbird Channels from Africa

Algeria + Berber





Libya Al Wataniya


Mekameleen TV, Al Masriyah, The Kingdom Sat

Hotbird Channels from Middle East


Sahar Azeri, Sahar Balkan, Sahar Kurdi, Sahar Urdu, Jame-Jam TV netwk 1 and 2


Saudi Arabia

Hotbird Channels from Asia



Kurd flag

Kurdish Channels

 Kurdsat Jin TV 


Azerbaijan Channels

 Kurdsat Jin TV 

Chinese Channels

Chinese TV 

Thai Channels

Thailand TV 

Amiko model MIRA X

What receiver will I get with the Hotbird package?  The reliable and versatile Amiko Mira X, the latest in the HD mini series from Amiko.

Single lnb 65cm dish from Triax or Technomate,  with  low noise, high gain LNB. This combination gives good signal strength in all England and Wales areas.  Scotland may require a slightly bigger dish