Watch All Europe Satellite Tv

I offer two types of system for receiving the main European countries satellite tv channels : 

  1. All Europe ( this page ) 
  2. All Europe and UK ( next page

French main channels are all encrypted so you can choose to include or exclude the French if these are not important to you, the Non-French version uses a different  receiver, but the same dish. 

The “All Europe” package has German, French, Italian and Spanish free to air channels. Russian and Polish free channels can be added.


All Europe Package

3 lnb 80cm coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate,  with tm1 or similar low noise high  gain lnbs.  This combination has been tested by me over many years of installations, in all areas of England Wales and Scotland , giving  good signal strength.

What receiver will I get with this package? — The  German made  Technisat receiver complete with French card.

All Europe - With non Encrypted French only

What receiver will I get with this package? — The Amiko HD or the Technomate 5402 HD receivers are good general receivers and will  still receive the non-encrypted French channels, M6, TV5 monde, Arte, 6Ter, W9, I24 News, France 24, CCTV FR, M6 boutique, BFM, BFM business, RT France, Canal+ ( shows free programmes twice a day without a subscription ) , CNews, LCP, EuroNews