Watch Freesat UK television

Behind the scenes, Freesat has new owners but the platform is as strong as ever. 

If you despair at the monthly charges of Sky and Virgin, a simple set-top box is all you need to receive the UK channels and optionally be able to record

These are the main UK channels, the box will tune in over 100 channels. Includes  the +1 hour time shifted programmes.

Freesat 4k receiver (1)

No record model

Freesat 4k receiver (2)

This has a 500 Gb recorder built in. 

HD takes up about 1Gb per hour of recording space

Freesat 4k receiver (3)

This model has a larger 2Tb disc built in 

(1Tb= 1000Gb)

Optional: connect to the network for more services

Effectively by connecting the box to your router, you have everything that a smart TV does. You can view: 

YouTube, I Player and others are free, Netflix, Prime etc require subscription.