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I offer , anywhere in the Uk , installation of satellite tv from most European Countries, France Germany Italy Spain Portugal Eastern Europe Russia Poland Czech Republic Hungary Georgia Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Balkan states Romania Armenia Albania Bulgaria Croatia Kosovo, Far East - China, Japan, Thailand and Korea including free and pay tv services like Sky Germany, Sky Italia, OTE(Greece) , Dolce (Rom), TNT (France), BIS (France) ,Fransat, Canal+ (Spain and France), Tivu (Italy), Canal Digitaal (Netherlands) , Tring (Albania), Bulsatcom, Vivacom(Bulgaria) and others

Please visit the pages for your country to see what channels can be received, then use the form below, for a full free quotation with dish design , propose the best dish position, receiver options, card options and full discussion of possible systems.

How to get a free PRICE QUOTE for a satellite installation ... use the online form

(please use mymobile number for technical help only! )


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NOTE Map Coordinates - In addition to the method shown in the video, if you have an iphone you can use "compass" to get the map coordinates of your house. Android too have several free apps which will give map coordinates. Please use in DECIMAL form only

eg. 51.12345, -0.112233

NOT degrees/minutes/seconds !!

I will guarantee to keep your details safe

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  • Use top quality new HD equipment
  • Options available
    • Recording Disc,
    • Enhanced Electronic Programme Guide,
    • WiFi,
    • Net Streaming
    • Back up and Recovery files
    • Give a full 12 month guarantee
    • Multi room
  • Multi satellite dishes
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Install Satellite tv Europe ( and the Middle East) here in the Uk

Welcome to all people from Europe and beyond who have chosen to live here in the Uk. Here is how to get satellite tv from your home country. We have been installing satellite tv for many years from Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Rep., Balkan states, Scandinavia and many more . For a full list of channels from each country go to the Sitemap.

Also for those interested in more than one language I install multi-satellite and motorised dish systems

Fully Equipped !

Installing anywhere in England Wales and Scotland !

The Digital Age

The gradual shift from analogue to digital in communications, that is to say TV, radio, mobile phones DVD and just about everything else has come at a time when mobility from one country to another is also at a peak. Travelers on holiday abroad and immigrants coming to the Uk to stay expect to be able to see a little of their home culture even though separated by perhaps thousands of miles.

The major tv providers here in the Uk cater only for the largest groups with foreign programmes, however Sky has noticably let down its Spanish & French viewers ,with TVEi going off the air and some other groups too, cutting off their services without notice. I would recommend for you, satellite Tv.

In synchronous orbit above the equator are over fifty satellites broadcasting an amazing number of channels in a very large number of languages. Above us now are, for example the Astra series of satellites at longitude 19 deg.East, which broadcast to most of the countries shown in the map below. Many of the programmes are FTA (Free to Air) and can be picked up without subscription using a suitable dish and receiver linked to your tv. Certain subscription channels can also be received using a CAM (Conditional Access Module) suitable for the type of encryption eg.Viaccess and a subscription card like Canal +. The satellites broadcasting these programmes are placed in orbit around the earth at a distance of 38 thousand kilometers in an arc across the sky called the Clark belt, all the satellites are within this arc and you may be able to pick up one, two or up to ten with specialist fixed dish and all available satellites using a motorised dish.

Many interesting things can be found on satellite transmissions, original feeds from outside broadcast units in all sorts of situations. International news takes on a new perspective when it is described in broadcasts from two opposing countries. The peoples of many countries now have a new view of their neighbours.

If you are a student of languages the ability to hear it spoken in the country of origin is a major advantage for beginners and advanced students alike.

Providing you have no tall obstructions in the way it is usually possible to pickup the satellite of your choice or using a motorised dish to obtain horizon to horizon coverage. Many of the Middle Eastern countries are served by satellites that we are able to pick up here in the Uk. The listing of programmes from each satellite or 'bird' is quite complex as each one broadcasts in several languages. To make it simpler to choose, we have divised some 'packages' each one of which has a fixed price. The simplest - 'package one' will pick up one satellite only. For those wanting a little more but not too big a budget we have 'package two' for 2 satellites - ideal for example Russian and Ukraine, or Italian and Spanish as they broadcast on adjascent satellites.

For the satellite enthusiasts I offer 2 special fixed dishes, the Multi4 will enable 4 satellites to be received, covering all of Europe and give instant switching between them. There is a Multi8 version giving not only the main countries Spain,France Germany,Italy, but also the , Balkans and Eastern European satellites - Russia Poland Czech Rep.Hungary, Turkey. Finally the full motorised setup see 'motor package' which can be aimed at every available satellite in the sky . To help you choose which satellite or satellites you need, we have listed the main programmes under the flag for each country, seen below. If you have had a satellite system before and specifically want individual satellite coverage click on hotbird , astra , eutelsat , atlantic bird, for any other please email for details

Most of the satellites we receive in the Uk are strongest in the South, requiring larger dishes in the North and Scotland, but the Czech and Viasat installations are weaker the further West it is required. Satellite Tv Europe has the experience to be able to choose the right dish for your requirements. Remember when emailing for information it is essential you mention where you are!

New Techno Features - The latest receivers , with Linux operating systems are capable of streaming the incoming channel on to your WiFi or home network, so that any computer online can enjoy the satellite programming.




Welcome to my site, satellite tv can be a bit technical, especially if you are not sure what can be done, what size of dish it might need and which decoders are needed, especially if English is not your first language. I've tried to make it a little easier by splitting the contents up in different languages and presenting the available channels as 'Packages'. Below is a quick guide to the site. If you have any questions, please ask, my email address and phone are at the bottom of every page. note: for quotes please use the "Quote Me" button above. I cannot quote over the phone.


How to use this website:
1 Go to the map of Europe or the Middle East or Africa below
2Click the flag of your home country or country of interest . to see the channels you can receive . Cant find them? Try the INDEX

3 The channels shown may be arranged in Groups, each from a different satellite. choose the GROUP of channels which interests you best .. For example FRANCE : The GROUPS for France are FRANCE 1a France 1b and FRANCE 1c .

this colour background - free channels this colour background - card needed
4 If there are 2 satellites close together, with a modification to the dish, 2 satellites may be received, greatly increasing the number of available channels. For example FRANCE 2a and FRANCE 2b

5If there are groups of channels that you would like but are not offered above, then the MULTI dish or a MOTORISED dish may be the choice for you: Please email with your requirements

Motor( 80cm) or MotorStar( 100cm )

6How do I know if I can receive my choice of satellite in my location? Simple - Free Online Survey And Quote
7 Please read our Terms of Business, Privacy Policy and FAQ here
Please note : Although the listed channels are updated periodically, it is difficult keeping up to date with every change on such a large range of channels and satellites so, before ordering please check that your favourite channels are still available free email. I cannot guarantee that the channels on any satellite will continue to broadcast, sometimes the broadcasters change frequencies and even satellite. I can only guarantee the equipment installed and not the channels initially tuned in


7 days a week
Cant find what you want? try the index
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Welcome Mainland Europe . Choose your home country


Britain Poland
All Europe

Europe Map

All-Europe Czech


Holland Serbia


France Romania


Germany Estonia
Spain Hungary





Italy Croatia
Russia Ukraine Lithuania Kosovo greece
Ireland Portugal   Latvia Suisse

New and updated pages

Struggling to think what to buy for Christmas?

Zgemma H2S

The latest dual core twin tuner from Zgemma

Versatile - Exceptional Value

German & UK Channels with full 7 day EPG + IPTV




Fransat HD Update

The latest Fransat receivers from Thomson

Reliable - Versatile - Good Value

French Channels without card renewal




Anywhere !

Enjoy your Music indoor or outdoor Wireless connection

from iphone, tablet, satellite rec, tv, radio...

Listen anywhere, rainproof speakers and transmitter

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Spanish HD cChannels

TVE 1, 2 , Antena3,Cuatro,Telecinco,La Sexta .... all free !!

At last ! Main Spanish Channels with no subscription

Check out TDT Spain



Main Channels

TVE 1, 2 , Antena3,Cuatro,Telecinco,La Sexta .... all free !!

At last ! Main Spanish Channels with no subscription

Check out TDT Spain


How to Watch

Satellite in every room

Simple method of expanding your satellite channels into more than one room

Simple Multi Room Page


Amiko A3

streaming video, xbmc, games, plays video files from network, streams to and from other devices like laptops, tablets, even phones ( watch Ukraine channels on your phone !! ) add subscriptions for IPTV to Kartina , ME tv, and many more web based subs HDD can be fitted internally

Makes other satellite boxes obsolete !

Amiko A3 Media Centre


Turkish tv

Turksat has always been difficult to set up due to the variety of symbol rates used Our new receiver will save you hours of retuning work

Are You missing channels due to the recent changes?

Eger nedeniyle son degisiklikler için Türk kanallarini kaybettik?



The future of television starts here.

Watch not only satellite tv but Millions of video streams !

Xfinity brand new Media Centre box complete with satellite


Invisible Dishes !

A solution for those who live in restricted 'NO DISH' areas or listed buildings

Not allowed a dish on your house or flat?


Aston Diva PPremium review

Best French Fransat receiver tested and reviewed




Dead receiver? Replacement power board available

December 2013

Power Supply Board complete and tested £39 inc post



The troubles in Spain and especially Greece have resulted in their broadcasters cutting back or being silenced by Government




Uk Expat Service



Motor + SSky/Polsat/SkyLink

New Dedicated boxes with matched cards are forcing us to abandon multi satellite and motorised dishes, how can you work around this, to keep your motorised dish channels as well as the Sky/Polsat/Sky Italia/SkyLink channels?



Amiko Alien

Stream your Satellite picture to Laptops, Tablets Pc and Phone. Watch IP tv . Add Kartina ip service and others to your satellite tv.. IP football all the 3pm kick offs.........








Ireland Saorsat




Morocco + France



Humax HD TNT

Review Humax TNT HD


Some receivers have special upscaling circuitry

What is it?


BBC Changes to Freesat 20th Sept 2012

Affecting all HD non Freesat receivers



Canal Catala

Catalan tv programming

For those who have recently lost TV3 Catalunya


Diseqc Switches

How they work & how to use


Bad News for Uk Viewers

Platforma channels have goneRussian IP box available


All Europe

All Europe Specials

France Spain Italy Germany Russia Poland & Uk

Greece Turkey France Spain Italy Germany Russia Hungary and Poland

Free Channels include HD channels


Free English Film CChannels from Arabic Satellite



Swedish and other Horseracing



What can I see With a 880cm Motorised dish?



Review Aston Simba HD



Kazakhstan + Armenia



Tunisia + France




Georgia tv




Bulgaria tv



T Rex ate my dish

Dish pictures




Senegal tv

in french



African channels

African Channels




Algeria or Algeria + France

Four Algerian channels

can be combined with other French channels


Football Page

Premiership football info




TVE i missing?

TVE changes back to Astra satellite

how get TVE int back



find out how to get your latitude and longitude

Watch my YouTube video

Go to 'Coordinates' help page


Sports Channels

free and subscription sports channels



Latin America

CHANGED SATELLITE ;Spanish TeleVisa Channels Mexico

Pre Paid Card Only


Globo Brasil

Portugese channels

Pre Paid Card Only



Receiver Section

Info/Downloads/Reviews of Satellite Receivers



CAMs explained




SkyLink Czech card Channels




Portugese Subscription Card & Box



Kurdish tv

Free Channels



Many new free channels ffrom Turkey

Now 132 FREE channels !!!!!!


More than one Country ?

If you need Tv from more than one country or if you have Sky/FreeSat
and want foreign broadcasts as well but would like only one Satellite
Dish.... consider the Force Frontier Toroidal Dish .The perfect solution
when the family want a choice of viewing from Sky/FreeSat and foreign broadcasts
all at the same time! And dont forget either source can be fed to a recorder
DVD or Video unit too AND in different rooms. To order or view prices click our Multi 3 package read more about it

And for the weak signals, Balkans, Scandinavia, Digiturk - there is a larger 90cm version

Although the motorised dish is the most capable type, when you are receiving foreign broadcasts on a motorised dish Sky/Freesat/Uk will not be available. So the Multi3 is your best choice if you need both .

Force Frontier Dish
Already know which Satellite you need? EuroBird , Astra 1 , Astra 3 , EutelSat, AtlanticBird 3 Go straight there


New range of Receivers - keep up with new developments in Satellite technology

Satellite -Technisat , Technomate , Amiko HD, Amiko twin Linux Mutant, Mutant 4k, Vu+, Gigablue, ; IP/Sat Amiko Alien reviews & Specifications


Welcome to viewers from the Middle East. Choose your home country

Middle Eastern countries are quite well served from our position here in the Uk. Broadcasting in Arab languages is widespread and there a quite a few channels on most of the satellites easily accessible overhead. If you require the more distant ones to the far east of our longitude a larger dish may be required ; your view of the satellite arc must be clear to the east as these appear quite low in the sky. With the larger dish comes the requirement for a stronger fixing bracket and different type of motor. However the brilliant Manhattan and Technomate receivers can be adapted to drive any motor type and is well suited to the more challenging distant channels with their excellent tuner sensitivity. Please email me if you are considering these channels

NileSat and Badr are 2 satellites broadcasting to the middle east only. To receive signals from these a ground stand and very large dish can be considered more detail

Europe the Middle East & Africa are served with over 55 satellites broadcasting in many languages

Click on Your Flag to see the main Middle Eastern channels available



Middle East


Cant find what you want? try the index


Click on Your Flag to see the main African channels available





















Thinking of learning a new language?

There's no better way than to tune in to their TV channels

we install fixed and motorised dish systems with the latest digital receivers

Hotels and Schools / colleges

Using our basic system with the MULTI dish channels can be fed to different receivers giving different languages in different rooms or the same channels to a number of rooms giving ultimate flexibility for guests/ students. Start with a basic simple system and enhance it as you need to. We would be happy to quote for any requirements

Quality Hi Fi Sound

experience CD quality on all broadcasts, can be cabled to your HiFi equipment or surround sound processor for the best sound available

Sport in Europe

There is a huge amount of sport broadcast free in almost all the countries, it would take a huge website just to list the sports broadcast

FreeSat and HD tv in Britain

The new FreeSat (BBC/ITV) is now in operation, started in May, get your FREE channels with High Definition and Surround Sound Dolby 5.1 more detail also it should bring an end to the problem reception areas currently unable to get terrestrial digital broadcasts contact me for a quote on FreeSat equipment and installation


Satellite Tv Europe is an approved dealer for FreeSat products

<FreeSat Page>

Our Technomate Amiko and MediaLink Receivers now come FULLY LOADED for French, Spanish, Italian, German Turkish,Russian and Romanian channels. ( plus English of course )

One of the best features of our range of technomat receivers is the favourite button, to help our customers, every new receiver I install, now comes with the channels pre-loaded and a favourite list assigned to all the free channels for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian channels,. Of course once you are used to the settings editor you can customise it further adding channels and deleting channels to the favourite lists. See Technomate 5402HD Receiver. There are other features available, for those who like to tinker a channel editor for the PC - Layout the channels exactly how you want on the PC, then transfer the file to the receiver. All the settings from a Technomate HD box are easily stored on a USB memory stick, so in the event that the settings are ever needed - after a factory reset for example, setting up can be done in seconds, just reload the settings file.

All about CAMS

If you are interested in a package which needs a viewing card to access the programmes, this is essential reading. Some of the common types of CAM are listed. Their purpose and use is fully explained -see CAMS

All about Upscaling

Many HD satellite receivers , including the Technomates have upscaling built in ! read what it means, how it works and why it is important for picture quality. See Upscaling.

Genuine Dolby Quality Hi Fi Sound

Experience CD quality on all broadcasts, can be cabled to your HiFi equipment or surround sound processor for the best sound available. Not all satellite receivers have this facility, In addition to standard Left and Right audio out, our Manhattan XT receivers also have digital audio out for those with suitable digital amplifiers and sound processors.

********* FreeSat ************

The promised HD receivers from Humax are now available, both the HD and Twin tuner PVR versions - see our FreeSat page - many multiroom packages now available

Manhattan Receiver

Latest update in available for this receiver via Manhattan website or via Hotbird Satellite . I've added the Dr Dish Utube review of the Manhattan to the site. Also "What Satellite" review of the receiever

Do It YourSelf !

Just added:- Page of good quality equipment to set up your own satellite system ( even from a camper or caravan ) see DoItYourself Page

New Simpler All Europe Specials

Great system for all you Europe watchers. Can be ordered with 1,2 or 3 receivers - picks up Spanish , Italian, French Polish Russian and German channels ( plus many many more). All free non subscription tv. special .

There are 2 versions, With UK channels or Without the UK channels,



Cant find what you want? try the index


What our customers say:

German Satellite system

We found Satellite Tv Europe to be Efficient effective and at a good price

Eddie from Doncaster


Spanish ,European & Uk Satellite System

I was a Sky subscriber but got fed up with having to pay ever increasing subscriptions. I wanted more than just Freeview and in particular, I wanted access to Spanish TV to help with learning the language. So I took the European package and ditched Sky. Installation was arranged at my convenience and I am more than impressed with the quality of picture I am getting. I am glad I took the decision to install this easy-to use system – apart from the fact my friends now think me a “techno-nerd”.

KM from Brassington, Derbyshire

Spanish + Uk Satellite System

Amazing, I didnt know you could combine the Spanish tv and Sky tv, now it seems so normal. I was so grateful Andrew took the time to demonstrate it all

Victoria from Leicester


Italian Satellite System

Great; Satellite Tv Europe responded really quickly, my mother who speaks no English is over the moon

Emilio from Tickhill, Doncaster

Czech Satellite System

I found the help and comittment to help us gratifying. My partner is Czech we live in Scotland. For Andrew to be prepared to travel from South Yorkshire and install the system to give her Czech television was a testimony to customer service at it's best

Ron from Dunfirmline Scotland

Spanish Satellite System

It is a pleasure to comment on the excellent work that Andrew
did to set up the satellite at home. He performed a thorough
research on all the possible locations in the house. As a result, the
dish is basically "invisible" whereas the signal is crystal clear.
His technical work was impeccable, taking all the time to complete
the job to his and our satisfaction. He also instructed us on the use
of the machine, selecting and sorting the channels of our interest to
make it easier for us. I very much recommend anyone to get in touch
with him for any satellite tv business

Helena from Cambridge

Spanish Satellite System

Hola Andrew

Muchas gracias por su trabajo ayer. El sistema se parece muy bueno y, con optimismo, nuestras españoles(y alemanes, portugueses, italianos etc) mejorarán.

Un saludo afectuoso y gracias una otra vez
Stephen from Sheffield

Spanish Satellite System

Just a short note to thank you once more for the excellent job you did last Sunday.
I am very pleased with the installation, which does exactly what I wanted

Many thanks,

Alex from Gloucester.

Czech Satellite System

I recently had a satellite dish installed by this company in order to receive Satellite Television from the Czech Republic. Throughout this process the company acted in an extremely professional manner and conducted the work with speed and efficiency. The engineer who attended knew exactly what he was doing and within a short space of time had the system up and running. I also believe that pricing was extremely fair and cost efficient. The engineer thoroughly tested the system after setting up the satellite and also ensured all was in good working order prior to leaving. Email and mobile phone contact was made available if any queries arose following the installation. I have no hesitation in recommending this company and would be more than happy to do so.

John from Leeds

Large Motorised Dish

Thanks you Andrew for installing my motorised Dish. I could have chosen 1 of dozens of sat installers in London. However you don't get personal service or after care that you provided to me. I could tell from your website that you were all about good old fashioned work ethic. I appreciate your meticulous work. I will be passing your details onto friends.

Sam from South London

TNT(France) + multi room distribution

We have been extremely happy with Andrew's work, he came all the way from Yorkshire to Surrey and arrived promptly at 10am and worked all day long until 1am. Despite a few issues to sort out and some extra jobs to do, he kept a smile and had a good sense of humour. He managed to connect all our main rooms with the french TV and Sky channels. He has very strong work ethics and is a lovely person that we would strongly recommend.

Mr H from Coulsdon South of London

Spain Germany and Uk HD system

Just want to say thank you again for your time and commitment. It is very much appreciated. We are enjoying the English, Spanish and German programmes.

Mr U from Cambridge


Spain from Astra & Hotbird Satellites

We are delighted with our new satellite dish and receiver. Andrew provided all the information we needed to make our choice and completed the installation promptly and with no mess.  Andrew then took the time to clearly explain how it works. We are now able to watch all the stations we need to help us in our language classes. I would thoroughly recommend Andrew to anyone seeking a satellite installation for his professional and warm and friendly service.

Mark from Northampton

78cm triax

France TNT sat receiver

Thanx Andrew, very much for your work today. The satellite system and configuration was exactly what we hoped for. These days I rarely use this phrase however I feel that your calm, quiet, knowledge effected a very good installation. My wife, has been in front of the TV since her return from work at our local school. The delight was finding all the French radio stations and adding them to her favourites.Thanx again and I think the work merited every penny of the cost

Richard from Geddington

French and German with Multi Satellite dish

Hi Andrew, Just wanted to thank you for your work yesterday, it's so nice to have the French and German stations as well as freesat from one dish. It was really nice of you to sort the French and German channels for us so that accessing them is so simple, really appreciate it.

Tony from Wheathampstead

Turkish on Turksat 42degrees East

Really impressed with the service.Very efficient in answering my email queries and when doing the installation and set up, Andrew was not only very knowledgeable, but also very helpful by showing us how to get more out of our Turkish box. Would highly recommend

Paula from Welton Humberside

Motorised 1.1m dish and HD system

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the service you provided to us on installing our satellite set up, not only did you install it in unfavourable weather conditions but gave us so much information as well, which was over and above the job, if we know of anyone that is thinking of having satellite we will definitely point them your way. Your help and info were invaluable and a lovely person as well

Lyn and Tony from Radcliffe Manchester

Email Advice

I just wanted to say that I have now received and installed the decoder as you suggested
I would like to thank you for your very kind advice and will not hesitate to recommend you should I know someone needing any services from you
I take the opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year

Mr C.E from Huddersfield

French Multi satellite HD System

Just a short email to say thank you again for your installation work
yesterday. From "first contact" to "up and running" in less than a
week was far faster than we anticipated, and the whole process was

Everything is working as it should. Seeing "familiar faces from
France" on our television in England is a bit strange, but we'll enjoy
getting used to it!

Mark in West Yorkshire

French Fransat HD

My wife is French and although she is fluent in English - it was important for us to have French TV as well as UK stations. We hope it will help my young children to grow up bilingual and help me at the same time to learn more of the language. Having phoned up a few companies I finally found Satellite TV

Many of the previous companies had quoted me a price on either TNT or Fransat boxes but I did not get the information or detail that Andrew was able to provide. I knew the difference between what channels came with either device and that the dishes were different which would depend where the dish would be situated – but that was about it. I got a non-complicated and honest review from Satellite TV telling me which box was the best from Andrews experience and what the pros and cons were on particular devices.  I made the decision to opt for Fransat as not only did I not need other languages (we only needed French stations) but it was clearly the most straight forward which for a non-technical person like myself is exactly what was needed.

I was provided with images of where the dish could go on my house prior to installation and after sending the deposit I got an excellent and prompt service as soon as the box was delivered to Satellite TV – which took less than 1 week. Andrew arrived and was able to install the system, despite my 3 year old trying his best to help!! . There was no mess or fuss and we are very happy with it. It is simple to switch between my Sky TV and Fransat and I now have a happy wife who is able to watch her French TV.

Rob in Marlow, Bucks

French TNT Card

All this hi-tech stuff is not easy for a nonogenarian!
Our Son had kitted us out with a Satellite system to receive French transmissions. He jets off to other lands to earn his living.
THEN our receiver announced it need a new TNT Card, what ever that was.
A telephone call to Andrew was not easy for him, I am quite deaf. Patiently he guided me. and now theTNT card is on its way:
Andrew did not make any money from us, but he offered rare counsel. Much appreciated. I should put him in my will !!
Philip in Wolverhampton


Russian Satellite Channels

Amiko 8150HD receiver + Triax 64cm dish :

i just want to say thank you again for the very professional job that was done and that my wife was very surprised and delighted to be able to catch up with her favourite Russian programmes

Michael in Leighton


French TNT HD

I want to let you know that I have received today the TNT HD Box. This was quicker than I thought. I also want to compliment you for your excellent customer service, your professionalism which made my experience even better than I expected.

Your ability to listen to me, your great communication skills and your knowledge not only exceeded my expectations but convinced me to make up my mind quickly. I will not hesitate to recommend your dealership to your establishment in the future.

Very kind regards.

Alex in Chiswick London

Multisatellite - Multiroom ( French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish , with Amiko HD Receivers )

4 LNB Dish

Many thanks for a brilliant job installing our dish and showing us all the ropes. I can highly recommend you to all new customers!
Brian in Sheffield


Multisatellite ( English German, Italian, Russian, Spanish) , with Zgemma twin tuner HD Receiver

4 lnb dish

Thank you for coming to fit our satellite dish and receiver this week.  We were very pleased that you were able to come on a Sunday to do this, and we were also impressed at your preparedness to put your customers first and ahead of your own private life.  To this end, we were also very grateful that you stayed to complete the job through to the bitter end, even though this meant a very long day for yourself.  However, the priority for you was to complete the job to yours and our complete satisfaction.

Upon arrival, we particularly liked the way you patiently evaluated the work to be done and were in no rush to dive in without giving the whole job a thorough evaluation.  It was only when you’d considered the various and important elements to completing the job without any pitfalls that you started.  Even so, we noted your preparedness to change plans as the situation evolved.  When we found that the placement of the dish was not  to the satisfaction of our neighbours, you willingly and helpfully re-situated the satellite dish to the pleasure of all people concerned.  Again, your priority was to satisfy the customer and to leave relations between neighbours intact and sound.

We also appreciate your ongoing support and will undoubtedly avail ourselves of your advice in the future.
Very best wishes to you in your other ventures.

Michael in Derby


German, Single tuner Amiko HD Receiver, Dish German - Astra 1 plus UK SkyQ - Astra 2 on a single 64cm dish

Andrew has installed a satellite dish and receiver to access German tv at my flat in NW London. He has done this very thoroughly and the choice of receiver is great and very user friendly. His many years of experience really show. Highly recommended

Tobias in Willesdon Green

For existing customers There have been many frequency changes since early installations, if you are missing some channels now, please refer to this page for the new frequencies and other information - currently frequencies listed for Russia, Spain and Greece..
For the enthusiastic satellite watcher. Get every channel available with a ground mounted 1 metre or 1.1 metre dish on tripod mount and concrete base 1metre square. see BIG DISH


* Need an Aerial or Aerial Repair * Get the Aerial Expert * Best price in the South Yorkshire Area inc Sheffield Barnsley Rotherham & Doncaster

BLUE SKY AERIALS to book/inquire 07756 482 669



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accredited online homeschooling

Forest Trail Academy provides accredited online homeschooling that offers many benefits and advantages over customary educational methods and systems presented through our public schools.

A Taste of German

Professional Translation for businesses



Argentina Spanish - Spanish Online

Spanish intensive programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina, including accommodation, airport transfers, and real contact with native people in social and cultural activities. Online lessons from your own house.




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