Italian Satellite TV news

The race to 4k UPdate 2023

Italy has become the third European  country to start the process of moving to all HD channels.  Behind France in 2016, whose TNT and Fransat platforms went all HD very early and Germany which made the announcement to finish SD (standard definition) broadcasts at the end of this year. 

Italys Tivu platform is to go “all HD” , the process will begin in November 2020 and be completed by the end of December 2020. At the end of 2022 all the old SD channels RAI 1,2 and 3 will be turned off and the other channels allocated new frequencies.

So…. make sure you have the HD Tivu box  or the 4k Tivu box soon or you will be looking at a blank screen ! 

Tivu EPG

The Tivu system has its own 7 day EPG system. As with UK freeview, Data is transmitted on a separate channel to the programme data. It is on 10992 Mhz with symbol rate of 27500 . So if you have difficulty with the EPG, check that the channels on 10992 – RAI premium for example are working ok, low signal here will stop or corrupt the EPG data stream. On the DigiQuest series of receivers there is no fault dialogue on screen, just “No Information” where the program info should be. 

Online EPG

There is a good comprehensive TV guide online at  If like many you find the box EPG a bit slow and fiddly to use, just bookmark the online guide on your phone. 

If you would like me to supply, or supply and install, email  me for the latest prices:

If you are a viewer wanting more than just the Italian channels from Tivu, it might be an idea to use Technisats great range of receivers, with the addition of a Tivu cam. I install these for German/French/Italian/Spanish and more , all from one dish.


Digiquest continue to produce new models with high spec. This is the new UHD  4k model with a great picture quality on ALL tvs and very easy to set up. Recording is possible, just add a suitable HDD. 

There is a FAVourite system available on DigiQuest’s receivers, so viewers with a dish for German/Italian or Spanish/Italian etc can easily select their channels.