E2 Enigma2 Linux Receivers

Mutant 4k, Amiko Viper E2 boxes and the EPG – Electronic Programme Guide

Receivers can fall into 3 categories:

  • General Purpose FTA free-to-air – makers firmware
  • Purpose Made eg. Fransat, Sky, Polsat….
  • E2  ( Enigma2) / Linux (open Source software) 

E2 receivers add enormous flexibility to the free to air type box. About 10 years ago, the software started to get  ‘interesting’, with enthusiasts contributing to the features in the software. At first the hardware and the software was frankly unusable. Since then it has become much more reliable and is now suitable for installers like myself to create a reliable system for the public. On to the basic box, you first choose your preferred ‘image’. This is the operating system which the user can use to set up the box.

There can be hundreds of settings available in the average E2 image system. Many not shown at all in the typical FTA box like the Amiko HD for instance . Fine settings to suit individual tvs are possible. Control of Motorised dishes in a Technomate 5402 for example would normally have lat/long settings with  just one decimal place, the linux boxes  normally use two.

In general I would use the Vix ‘image’ for German Installations, the Vix online forum is good for answers if you get stuck. Its basic format is fine for normal use and comes with the most important plugin ( my opinion ) the cross EPG programme guide already to go. For German / UK channels on a single box, which is a common request, the Vix programme guide follows the Sky layout shown above. Most customers are familiar with this and appreciate how easy it makes it to make recordings and play back.  This is the ONLY way to get a full 7 day EPG for BOTH German and UK channels on a single receiver.

Another worthy image is iPab. This is great for beginners with a particularly good set of clear instructions and easy steps to set up, even a self check feature built in. 


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