Adding a Hard Disc for recording from your satellite or ip box

For satellite receivers having an internal HDD drive, there aren’t too many problems, the SATA drives 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch seem to be all happy with  just about any receiver I’ve ever encountered. 

With the external drives however there are a few combinations that don’t work.

In general if your receiver is for a specific service, Fransat, TNT, Skylink, Busatcom, Nova, OTE, choose the WD 500Gb option below

The Thomson Skylink, Fransat and TNT boxes: Either avoid this make if you need a recording box or try the WD elements type, don’t go above 500Gb and format the drive with the Verbatim utility program below before fitting it.  If you still cannot get it to function, buy the external power pack kit and SATA drive, so it is powered  by a separate 12 volt source.

Technisat S2 ( Technistar S2)  this will ONLY work with the WD elements  500 drive , the Samsung, Toshiba and others won’t even spin up !  Follow the instructions for the Thomson above.

Strong Fransat or TNT   Some more recent receivers will work with any drive, early ones again stick with the WD elements drive and no more than 500Gb

Why do some receivers not work properly?  The receivers have USB   2.0 sockets which will only supply 500mA current via the USB power line  to the drive. 99.9% of HDD drives on sale today, are USB 3.0. This is compatible in most  ways but not in power consumption. If you read the manufacturers spec , which is difficult to find, a USB 3.0 drive can take up to a 900mA surge on switch on, to get the motor spinning. Most receivers limit the current so the drives never actually start up.

WD Western Digital EXTERNAL USB 500Gb Drive. This works for most of the French receivers for Fransat and TNT, also the Skylink  receivers for Czech and Slovak channels.

these have a  low current requirement 

WD Western Digital EXTERNAL USB 1Tb Drive for Amiko, Technomate and Technisat ( not S2)  receivers

WD Western Digital INTERNAL SATA 500Gb Drive for   Technomate 5501 and Technisat isio receivers 

Seagate INTERNAL  SATA 1Tb Drive for UHD 4k models like Mutant 4k, Zgemma 4k , Technisat ISIO 4k  2.5 inch fitting

This has a large 128Mb cache for high speed transfer

Seagate INTERNAL  SATA 2Tb Drive for UHD 4k models like Mutant 4k, Zgemma 4k , Technisat ISIO 4k   2.5 inch fitting

This has a large 128Mb cache for high speed transfer2

If you cannot get a USB drive  to work properly, consider this option which uses a SATA drive and has an external power supply. This is not then dependent on the USB supplying current for the drive and should work perfectly. With the French and Czech receivers – stick with the 500Gb size.

VERBATIM formatting utility for PC

Use this on any new drive from a computer store or Amazon, format it for your satellite receiver in FAT32 format. 

If you try most PC drives straight onto a receiver, it will either not recognise it at all, or give error messages. Note: with TNT receivers you first format with the utility to get the TNT box to recognise the drive and then format it again connected to  the TNT box.