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Czech Satellite TV

How to get Czech tv in the Uk - free channels and viewing cards
Vítejte u všech Cechu. Zde je výber kanálu mužete získat zdarma

I recommend: SkyLink. I can now supply official Skylink cards with one of three available packages Multi, Multi HD and Kombi.All prepaid cards. OR I can supply the Skylonk M7 monthly payment card. The UPC package is available online, but the price is high compared to purchasing in the Cz rep.

The Satellites which broadcast Cz channels are Astra 3b at 23.5 degrees( CSLink & SkyLink), IntelSat10 at 1 degree West (DigiTv) and UPC. Astra 1 at 19 degrees carries the CT24 free channel . The satellites are encrypted differently , the Intelsat in NagraVision , the others in Cryptoworks or Iredeto and the two types are completely incompatible. Skylink is on Astra 3 supplying the majority of programming via the card. Since the 3a satellite went all services are on the 3b satellite and are much stronger thoughout the Uk.

SkyLink Czech tv only broadcasts a small number of free channels, the main body of tv from the Czech Republic is encrypted . Several on-line suppliers can source the cards but as usual Uk and European dealers tend to be high in price compared to buying in the Czech Republic. The Gital card is a pre-paid card, also very popular in the Uk. Several of my customers having visited home have brought these back with them..Beware of anyone selling the old Cryptoworks cards now. Skylink have almost completed the task of replacing them in the Cz rep. once it is complete all Cryptoworks cards will be useless.

Jun 13 - I can now supply the official Iredeto cards and an approved official receiver which works with these cards.

UPC A good option for Cz viewers anywhere in the Uk is UPC . The Cryptoworks and Iredeto cards work well in our receivers. UPC telephone ( in Cz rep ) 00420 222 9999 00. Dont forget when tuning in, that Digi tv channels will also come up in the tuning list, so make sure you only store the UPC ones, it can be very confusing when the card apparently doesnt work !! Email me for a list of frequencies for UPC.

Digi tv service requires its own Nagravision receiver matched to the card, so unless you really need one of the Digi tv channels, it is a lot more complex to install.


New - I've added some online sources of 'Whats on tv Guide' to the bottom of the page Guides- Add them to favourites on your browser.

Confused? Need help? Just email me with any questions. When emailing for prices of installation please send me your exact location from Google maps, this helps me to see any potential problems when installing.

Here are most of the channels you will be able to receive when ordering these packages, to see prices or to order a package please click on the buttons below. PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU WISH ME TO CHECK IF YOUR FAVOURITE CHANNEL IS STILL AVAILABLE

this colour background - free channels this colour background - card needed


Czech Package 1
click to order quote Single 80cm fixed satellite dish with free channels
TV8 Ocko CT 24 Noe Slagr

+ 14 Czech radio stations


Czech Republic Package Skylink - SUBSCRIPTION
.flag SkyLink quote

SkyLink HD

Official Cz or Sk box and Card

All cards & boxes supplied are the new Iredeto, Cryptoworks cards and boxes are now obsolete

ct1 HD CT  2 Markiza HD Prima HD Nova HD
CT Sport HD CT Art CT D CT 24 Smichov
Telka Markiza JOJ JOJ PLus Fanda
Doma STv1 STV2 Slagr
Nova Nova Cinema Prima Prima Cool Prima Zoom
Prima Love Relax


Ocko Noe
TV8 Lux   Activ wau

When purchasing the new Skylink basic package shown above, there is no monthly fee, everything is included in the single payment you will be quoted . Many of the channels are now in HD

Currently this package is only £34 / year to renew, so great value ! ( 2016 price)

The basic package comes with all these channels, you also have the option to subscribe with a monthly payment to any of the premium packages below:

single LNB dish Reliable reception with a triax dish and technomate LNB on the Astra satellite

Thomson THS-813

HD Official Skylink Receiver

Easy instant channel sorting for Slovak or Czech channels


Linkbox - HD SkyLink Official receiver

Download review


Skylink - SUBSCRIPTION - option MINI
.flag SkyLink £6.60/month (2015)

Mini - Skylink premium package

Eurosport Eurosport 2

sport slovak

Universal Film _
Axn Horor Kino CS CS film Explorer
History Nature Doku Musika CS Mini
Duck Minimax   Private Spice Spice
This is a premium package add on £ 6.60 / month


package four & five

motorised satellite dish with All the free channels may be used with a card for the CS Link channels

Note: Some Czech channels will be restricted due to weak signal in central and western England - recommend package 5 - (Motor Star) larger motor dish system

Czech Tv Whats On Guides online


prepni Prepni


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