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what to do if your iptv box stops working - Satellite TV Europe

what to do if your iptv box stops working

Here is a list of initial checks to make :

Remember the iptv box is a computer, it is run by a program. If you have the MediaLink ML7000 or ML9000 the program ( or Operating System ) is Linux.

programs can get corrupted easily due to 

  • electrical interference ( duff plug, hoover, washing machine, lightning storm ) 
  • a bug in the code
  • bad connection or cable to the router
  • bad WiFi signal strength
  • and many more things

Your connection to the IPTV server depends on:

  • a good connection speed < 5 mbs
  • login being correct
  • your subscription being up to date

Checks to make

to establish that the internet speed and cables are ok, use the YouTube app, if you can see the videos working ok, with sound and picture, without pausing or breaking up – then the cables and internet speed are probably ok. 

If you don’t have the YouTube, any other video app will probably work too.

You can download apps to use on your IPTV box. Search the menu for ‘Apps store’

If you cannot do this, connect your computer by the same ethernet cable or WiFi dongle as your box, go to Google and search ” internet speed checker ”  there are many different sites which you can use. Check it thoroughly, many problems are simply ” throttling” of speed due to too many connections in your area, if the speed dips there may be a temporary  ” outage ” , just try again 15 mins later. 

For Partially working Box:   If you have any of these problems: 

  • no sound
  • no sound on some channels others ok
  • only some channels working
  • noise instead of sound
  • sound but screen full of bits and pieces

then 1. try a reboot – leave the box disconnected from the power for at least 30 mins then plug in and turn on

2. try a factory reset ( this is usually in the system menu ) may also be called return to default settings.   In the case of some IPTV boxes this may require you to reload the app for your IPTV, so make sure you know how to do this first.  

 For Box with no Login

If there is a problem with the My IPTV app logging into the server, first check all the above is working, try a reboot from cold ( leave it unplugged for 30 mins at least ) 

This will require cooperation from the server end, get in touch with me and don’t forget to include your MAC address and your order number which is a four figure number like #1234 , its on your correspondence . If I am not in the office, it might delay things if you don’t include this.


MyIPTV  – this is the app that connects with the server to give you your channels

Linux – this is the software that runs the box. When you have to update the software it usually refers to the Linux package. 

UpDating Software: 

This is critical – make sure you have full instructions before starting, do not skip any steps and DO NOT turn the box off before the update has completed – this can damage your IPTV box .