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German satellite tv covers all your familiar favourite channels, many are now in HD. All these are free, without a subscription. ARD and ZDF broadcast all their usual channels, as do the commercial RTL. They did update things recently, so if you already have German satellite system but have lost some channels, you may need a new HD receiver and rescan your tuning.

In addition, you can now add a subscription service called HD plus ( HD+). A card for 6 months costing around £100 will give ALL the HD  channels. The receiver must be ci+ compatible.

FreeNet pay-tv system became available in Germany in 2018 but failed to get its expected viewer numbers and closed at the end of 2020.  FreeNet a strange name for a subscription service  . It was similar to HD+ and offered more HD versions of existing channels

German TV has retained the 7 day EPG ( Electronic  Programme Guide )  system, I offer many choices of receiver, both single tuner and twin tuner with recording disc, for use with German tv all having the 7 day Guide available.

Below are the Channels available grouped Main ( I can offer these with or without Chat lines and Shopping Channels), German Children’s Channels, Austrian and Swiss Channels


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Free German  channels Package 1


Schweiz  see also Swiss  SSR SRG Channels and Kabelio

Receivers for German tv


Budget Choice: The reliable and versatile Amiko MIRA, the latest in the HD mini series from Amiko. Easy to use, versatile and has backup/restore function built in. External recording drive option

The German-made Technisat S6 is one of the most popular and reliable receivers ever. It is fully ci+ compatible so its perfect for HD+ cards if you ever want to subscribe

Want the latest 4k receiver ? The twin tuner Technisat DigiPlus is ultra fast in operation. It has a ci+ interface so its perfect for 4k TVs and all ci+ cards like Fransat, HD+ and Tivu Italy.

Uno Vu+ Enigma2 box

Want the latest 4k receiver AND the full 7 day Programme Guide both? ( UK guide is not available any other way )  The twin tuner Vu+ UNO is the ultimate receiver for German + UK channels together



All of these receivers can have a  recording disc attached, from 500Gb  to 1 Tb is the usual range for full details – Recording Drives

Dishes for German tv

Single lnb coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate,  with tm1 or similar good lnb, with low noise and high gain. This combination gives good signal strength in most uk areas.

For UK  Freesat and German Channels OR German Plus Swiss SRG SSR channels, a 64cm or 78cm dish with 2  lnbs together with the Above receivers from Technisat or Amiko. Can have recording Hard drive recorder.

For German and  French Channels an 80cm dish ( larger in Northern regions )  with 2 lnbs together with the Technisat S6 receiver will deliver all the main channels. Can have a recording Hard drive connected.


For customers wanting a motorised dish to receive other satellites along with German, I can offer a 80cm or 100cm dish on a Technomate motor with Technomate HD or Vu+ Enigma2 HD ( and 4k) receivers

Uno Vu+ Enigma2 box

If you want to combine German Swiss or Austrian channels with channels from other satellites you can choose a motorised dish or a multi satellite dish 

A 1metre dish with a diseqc motor can receive European, African and Asian satellites from 30 ° west to 32  or even 56° east, in most UK locations.

read – Motor Dish Page

A standard fixed position parabolic dish can be fitted with 2,3 or more LNBs for multi-satellite reception, eg France, Germany, Italy & Spain

read – All Europe dish

Toroidal Wide Angle Dish

A Special fixed position toroidal dish can be fitted with 2,3 or more LNBs for wide angle multi-satellite reception

read – All About Toroidal dishes

HD plus

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Free German  channels with HD+ Card

If you would like all the possible HD channels from Germany, you can buy the HD+ module & Card, which gives you:
RTL HD, Sat 1 HD, ProSieben HD,
VOX HD, Kabel Eins HD, RTL 2 HD,
Sport 1 HD, Nickelodeon HD,
Comedy Central HD, SIXX HD and N24 HD in addition to all the German channels listed above.
You will need the Technisat S6 HD or Technisat Digiplus 4k UHD receiver.

Swiss Kabelio

78cm dish plus 12 month Card with all subscription channels

Kabelio is on the Hotbird satellite, so a 65cm will be ok for reception in all UK areas. 

If you want to combine it with the standard German channels, then a 2 LNB dish of 80cm is the best option.


It has been announced that the Freenet service is to close on satellite and continue only on terrestrial transmission. 

Don’t worry unduly as all your Freenet subscription channels are available on satellite free to air, just for the moment not in HD. Over the coming 12 months most will be upgraded to HD anyway.

source BroadbandtvNews

Channels on German TV

Es gibt ein breites Spektrum von deutschen Fernsehsendern (öffentlich-rechtliche und private Sender), die über Satellit empfangen werden können:  Öffentlich rechtliche Fernsehsender: ARD / ZDF – entspricht BBC1 und BBC2 im UK Regionale Sender:
  • RBB – Berlin / Brandenburg
  • NDR – Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein / Niedersachsen
  • WDR – Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • MDR – Sachsen / Sachsen-Anhalt / Thüringen
  • SWR – Baden- Württemberg
  • Hessen
  • Bayern
Hier eine Auswahl der privaten Sender: Unterhaltung:
  • RTL
  • RTL2
  • Super RTL
  • Sat Eins
  • Pro Sieben
  • Kabel 1
  • Vox
  • Das Vierte
  • Tele 5
  • DSF
  • Eurosport
      Kika (Kinderkanal)
    • Arte
    • 3 Sat
    Nachrichten / Börse
    • N-TV
    • N24
    • Bloomberg
    • EuroNews
    • MTV
    • Viva
    Wenn Sie Fragen zu den deutsche Satelliten-Fernsehprogrammen haben, können Sie uns gern eine E-Mail (in Deutsch oder Englisch) senden:

    6 thoughts on “Watch German Channels in the UK”

    1. What should I buy you that records uk television that will be compatible with my HUMAX CI-8100 DV3 common Interface box which I use for the German tv, a satellite dish and Marmitex powermid receivers? Thanks Philippa

      • Hi Philippa, although the Humax is capable of multi satellite, so with a suitable 2 lnb dish you could receive both Astra 1(German) and Astra 2 (UK) channels,the ci8100 is quite an old DVB model which only receives standard def channels and can only record via the scart, so you would need a video recorder or DVD recorder.
        A much better solution would be to update the receiver to a DVB s2 type, these can receive all the HD channels and can record on a memory stick or an HDD, which are now relatively cheap from PC world, ebuyer, currys etc.
        For a complete quote with a range of receivers and UK/German dish please fill in the quote form :
        1. Go to home page and watch this video Coordinates Help Video
        2. Click the “Quote Me” button on the German page
        Best Regards

    2. Although my Satellite dish engineer tells me that my dish is definitely directed at Astra 1, – and he has shown me it on his meter, – when I pull up the receiver’s satellite list on the TV screen it lists 61 of them (all ticked), including Hotbird and Astra 1, etc, but only BADR-2 (on E 26.0) is shown as receiving any signal at all – and this very good, at 91% signal intensity and 85% signal quality. As a result, I can only tune in to very few of the German channels, which I wish to watch. How can I get the full Astra 1 content?
      P.S. It is an old dish, but a relatively new TV (2017) and a brand new receiver box.

      • I doubt its BADR 2, its most likely Astra 1 with that sort of signal level. You probably just need to update the TP (transponders or frequencies) list for Astra 1 these are changing all the time on all satellites although Astra 1 and 2 ( German and UK ) are usually stable for years. Look for a “blind search” facility on your receiver. Some manufacturers also refer to blind search as automatic search, so its confusing. What you need is the receiver to ignore its current list and scan the satellite for TPs , building a new list. Then scan the new list for channels.If you are stuck let me know which receiver make & model it is.

    3. Hi, thanks for this really good summary.
      If I want to get UK freeview and German TV here in London through one satellite dish would the below setup work:
      technomate 65cm solid dish
      two dual lnbs
      Mutant HD51 4K receiver
      Thanks again


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