Watch German Channels in the UK

German satellite tv covers all your familiar favourite channels, many now in HD. All these are  free, without subscription.

In addition there is now HD+ . A card for 6 months costing around £100 will give ALL the HD  channels. The receiver must be ci+.

Recently another pay-tv system  became available in Germany recently – FreeNet a strange name for a subscription service  . Similar to HD+ it offers more HD versions of existing channels

German TV has retained the 7 day EPG ( Electronic  Programme Guide )  system, I offer many choices of receiver, both single tuner and twin tuner with recording disc, for use with German tv all having the 7 day Guide available.

Below are the Channels available grouped Main ( without Chat lines and Shopping Channels) , Children’s Channels, Austrian and Swiss Channels


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Free German  channels Package 1


Receivers for German tv

Budget Choice: The reliable and versatile Amiko 265, the latest in the HD mini series from Amiko. Easy to use, versatile and has backup/restore function built in. External recording drive option

The Zgemma twin is E2 based, at a great price. All the avantages of plug-ins for adding features, reliable fast box proving very popular all over Europe. Particularly good with the iPab image software which has a good set of instructions. External recording drive.

Want the latest 4k receiver ? The twin tuner Mutant HD51_4k is ultra fast in operation. Its E2 based firmware enables plug-ins for programme guide, streaming and many more additions. Can have Internal Hard drive recorder fitted

Dishes for German tv

Single lnb coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate,  with tm1 or similar good lnb, with low noise and high gain. This combination gives good signal strength in most uk areas.

For UK  Freesat and German Channels OR German Plus Swiss SRG SSR channels, a 64cm or 78cm dish with 2  lnbs together with the Above receivers from Mutant or Amiko. Can have recording Hard drive recorder.

For German and  French Channels an 80cm dish with 2  lnbs together with the Technisat S4 or S6 receiver will deliver all the main channels. Can have recording Hard drive recorder.

For customers wanting a motorised dish to receive other satellites along with German I can  offer 80cm or 100cm dish on Technomate mount with Technomate HD or Mutant HD ( and 4k) receivers

If you want to combine Czech Skylink or Czech free channels package  with channels from another satellite, eg English Freesat ,  French or German, you can choose a motorised dish or a multi satellite dish . The Thomson Skylink and the Amiko HD are  both capable of multi-satellite tuning.

Motorised 1m dish can receive any satellite from 30 degrees west to 42 east, in most places.

Multi satellite Wide angle dish with up to 4 or 5 satellites on a Toroidal dish with 40 degree spread

Multi sat ( up to 4 or 5 satellites ) on a standard Parabolic dish – 20 degree spread



If you would like all the possible HD channels from Germany, you can buy the HD+ module & Card, which gives you:
RTL HD, Sat 1 HD, ProSieben HD,
VOX HD, Kabel Eins HD, RTL 2 HD,
Sport 1 HD, Nickelodeon HD,
Comedy Central HD, SIXX HD and N24 HD in addition to all the German channels listed above.
You will need the Technisat HD receiver

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