Whats a VPN ?

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Virtual Private Networks

Networks can be private or public. A company located in one building will have their own network linking offices. They may also have a public internet connection. A VPN can extend a private network across shared or public networks. The Internet is just a public network. VPN connections enable us to send data between two computers across the Internet in a manner that emulates the properties of a point-to-point PRIVATE link.



How does a VPN connection work:

Simply put, it removes part of, or changes part of your IP address. The messages still get through, but the sender will not be able to see the true IP of the receiver.

Who Uses a VPN

Well.... lots of people! In the dirty pool that is the internet, there are many thieves and hackers who would steal your data or even damage your data or equipment. a VPN is a bit like a firewall, only things allowed through by you, actually get through. If there is internet access to your database, you must take reasonable steps to protect it,

Whole countries use VPNs , dictators and 'supreme leaders' have all tried to restrict the access to the internet by their subjects, if you Google the subject , try Iran or North Korea.

There are of course legitimate uses for ip restriction. Broadcasters buy rights and do not want their content available outside their area of influence. Our own BBC restricts access to its online services using Ip recognition. Its no secret that Brits abroad use VPNs to sidestep this barrier.

Is there a good and bad VPN service?

Because the VPN service goes through a server, the speed of that server is all important, if its not to slow down your data flow. Good services can also change the IP address to one in another specific region. If you are advertising in America, and are based in the UK, you would have no way to see whether your ads are working. With a VPN having an ip address consistent with a US area, testing becomes easy. Gathering information is made possible, by VPNs.

What do I recommend, if my customers want privacy or any of the above services?


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