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LATEST: Viasat have now stopped showing all matches - currently only one match per week

Viasat on the Astra4 satellite, provides the very best coverage of any broadcaster of the EPL English Premier League, champions League and more. All 380 matches last year were shown, more than any other single broadcaster. The commentary is mostly the original English.

The only potential problem for viewer is the power of the signal, the official footprint of the satellites coverage shows that a 1.2metre dish should be ok in the far east of the Uk, the signal diminishing towards the west. On the west coast , expect a 1.5 to 1.8m dish to be needed for good reception.

Practically speaking from experience, signals can be received in central areas ( Birmingham, Sheffield ) on dishes of 1.1metres. I would recommend that Publicans take the dish size issue seriously as relying on a marginal signal , could turn bad with a pub full of footy fans. The price of the extra size dish is small in comparison to the subscription costs.

Beware of internet sites selling the Viasat card and implying that a 1metre dish is adequate.


The supplier ( Latvia ) is in the EU, so issues of Legality of showing foreign broadcasts are now settled in light of the advice to the EU Court recently.
Planning permission should be sought as all the dishes are above the 1m maximum allowed by Local Councils in most cases.


Viasat Football Package
Sport Baltic Email with your coordinates for advice and price 1.1/1.2 m fixed position dish

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orbital dish The dish used for this installation is the Orbital 110cm, or ISS 1.25m with a single very high gain LNB.This will ensure reliable reception in all weathers and a good quality dish like the Orbital on a Galvanised elbow wall bracket will be secure and free of rust for many years
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