Technomate 800 HD (Linux)

Specification and Review

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HD Linux based model

Card Slot with multicrypt decoder

Standard CAM Slot


  • Specifications and features


Sockets from left to right





Very popular HD model, with familiar Technomate menu system and layout All at a great price. Most of the problems with early models have been addressed now, but even with the best image firmware the receiver is not 100% stable.


At the moment the 800 can be purchased very cheaply, so if you want an intro E2 model and you don't intend to overload it with plugins.... go for it.


For those who like to 'play', there is software for the newcamd and ccam functions available on 3rd party websites, the unit functions well with internet connections and software.

It handled motorised dish and multi satellite dishes up to 4 LNBs via diseqc switch, without any hesitation. Although it is a few pounds more than the Icecrypt and other new HD products, with its superb backup from Technomate uk - available on the phone!! It is worth every penny. TM are on the ball with updates ( however slow to appear on their website )


With the latest software loaded, the multicrypt is capable of handling Conax, Viaccess, Iredeto and Cryptoworks cards. recommended on price with reservations


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