Technomate 8000 HD Receiver

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TM8000HD Receiver


The Technomate has a great feel to it, and very well made remote control

The finish is so smooth it is quite difficult to photograph!

There is a large full alpha numeric display for channel info on the front during operation, a luxury indeed for a modern receiver!

In the top of the unit, there is a cooling fan, so be careful to position the unit where it can freely circulate the air


The front panel hinges down to reveal the aperture for the 2.5 inch sata drive HDD unit.

Mounting it is very easy, just push in firmly to make contact with the row of standard sata pin connections.

The drive must first be partitioned in FAT32 format, usually done on a PC. For more info see Recording Drives for Satellite Receivers

Also in this front door are 2 CAM slots and the 2 card slots multicrypt decoder for

  • Viaccess
  • SECA
  • Cryptoworks
  • Irdeto
  • Conax
viewing cards
8000 Excellent range of connections to your AV equipment, HDMI to the TV, composite video, RGB and component are also available. 2 standard scart for older style tv and Disc Recorder/video recorder. SVideo socket and spdf digital sound output ...
8000 Close up of the output sockets on the right and aerial in and out, satellite dish in and out, LANetwork, eSata external HDD and the serial port used for programming the unit.

Combo Unit with 2 tuners:

1 x DVB-S2 Satellite HD Sensitive Tuner (MPEG-2, MEPG-4) and 1 x DVB-T Terrestrial Tuner (not T2)

2 USB ports for updating software or recording with pen drive or HDD esata

Decoders : 2 x Smart Card Readers & 2 Common Interface CI slots the cards decoded with the multicrypt are Conax, Cryptoworks, Seca, Viaccess and Irdeto

20,000 TV & Radio Channels Memory

Black case

RF modulator a second tv can be used in another room with a simple aerial cable

Hardware upscaler to improve SDef transmission pictures

Blind Scan - easy to update your channel lists

For Fixed or Motorised Dish DiSEqC 1.2 / USALS Systems


Technical feature list

Technomate user manual TM8000HD

Technomate updates and system software

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