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Specification and Review

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Technisats latest S6 Model is a full function HD sat receiver with a reasonably simple menu system and the only current CI+ slot which works properly with the German ,Swiss, French and Czech services. Although expensive when compared to similar receivers, it has an enviable record for reliability, suppliers are reporting extremely low return rate when compared to others. In Germany it is the recommended receiver when purchasing the German HD+ channel card.

Recommended for SSR SRG cards , this works properly in the S6 receiver unlike some otherreceivers .

Recommended for the Skylink services, works properly in this receiver, some other receivers locking up on every channel change!

The S6 also has a 'Quick Install' menu for these services, making it a very speedy job.

Technisats auto channel downloads keep the receiver up to date ( can be disabled if required )

Not Recommended for motor set up. It has only limited USALs functionality, you cannot change the test TP, so setting the azimuth is a pain !

There is no 'blind search' so setting up for Turkish in particular would be a nightmare.

The Scart socket does NOT output RGB, only composite video, I can supply an adaptor if RGB is required


All our installations for multi satellite, can now be done with this receiver, but I use channel editing software to create channel lists as doing it on the receiver is a very long tedious task. The S6 models favourite system isn't quite as bad as the S2, which was quirky! but still a lot quicker using the PC to load channel lists.As a by product , customers receive a 'backup' file which will restore the settings ( and update settings if required ) in seconds. I can demonstrate this on every installation.


Front displays channel number

Box is compact and very light

The remote is probably the best since Bang & Olufsens old tv remotes for quality materials and is very robust


Sockets from left to right


  • Power 12 volt
  • LNB in
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI
  • Composite Video
  • Audio L
  • Audio R



Card Slot and CI slot


For my Multi-sat Customers - Changing Favourite Groups

To select a different language or country first press OK to bring up the channel list then press OPT to bring up the submenu where language or country groups will be listed. There are 4 main lists

  • all channels
  • favourite 1
  • favourite 2
  • favourite 3

Then there are some individual lists which can ONLY be customised using the channel editor software

For example

  • Polish
  • Russian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese




The ONLY drive that works on the S2 is the Western digital 500Gb, I have tried others like Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung and Seagate, when you go to the setup menu the options are all greyed out and they cannot be setup ( The Hitachi 320Gb did work, but not any bigger drive ) I suspect this is due to current restrictions powering the drive from the USB socket.

Formatting part 1

Connecting a Hard Disk Drive to your Technisat S2 HD receiver is easy but most drives bought today are preformatted in NTFS format. To change this cannot be done on the Technisat receiver itself, you will need a PC . Download the Formatter program from here and use it. The program only takes a few seconds to do the job, needs no information about your drive to work properly.

Formatting part 2

Next step, connect to the Technisat and perform all the checks on the Settings>media page. At this stage It will fail the 'suitable for recordings test' if so just reformat it using the Technisat option at the bottom. After that it will pass all the tests and work ok

Next: Getting it to record

The Technisat is organised more like a computer and will not automatically set up, when you plug in your new HDD drive. In the set up menu you 'associate' which drive to make recordings on and exit ( save settings on exit ) . DO NOT LEAVE THIS SET TO AUTOMATIC ! Set it to the new HDD drive, the volume name should be shown in the list.

Then when you make a recording from the EPG or using the REC button it should work perfectly. If you get error dialogues reporting cannot record due to rights, on fta channels , simply reboot after carrying out the above format procedure and try again.


The technisat will operate with this 500Gb drive:


Western DigitalDownload formatter


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