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80cm Dish

80cm Dish

Good all round sat dish, well made, easy to adjust and mount, Ok for Hotbird on 13 degrees, EutelSat W2 on 16 degrees and Astra 1 on 19 degrees

TM100 mesh

100cm Dish

Excellent 1metre dish, suit Spanish / Portuguese above latitude 52, Birmingham, or Eutelsat w2 Balkans, Turksat.


Satellite Meter by Konig

Very simple meter, works by using the energy collected by the dish, so ok for HD or SD channels. This meter has been available a LONG time, favourite with satellite enthusiasts on the move - camping, motor home etc.

It does not indicate which satellite you are receiving, so you will also need a good compass to do the primary alignment, then use this meter to peak up the signals , making smaller and smaller adjustments to your dish asimuth and elevation

Connect between the receiver and the dish, no batteries required


SLX sat meter

Sat Finder ( led display )

Simple device , needs to be used with a compass as it does not indicate which satellite you are receiving. Robust unit no moving parts

Connect between the receiver and the dish, no batteries required


Digital Meter by Satlink

Very modestly priced digital meter. Programmable for most common satellites over the UK. Very easy to use when lining a dish up . Vert and Horiz tps can be checked and best compromise achieved , Skew adjusted for max signal quality.

Sat signal, error rate, quality bars displayed.

Tripod for dish

Tripod for Dish

For campers and caravaners , ideal tripod to use for setting up a dish where there is no solid base.

Use any available weights to ensure the legs don't move !

Tripod & Dish

Satgear - Dish 78cm plus Tripod

Perfect kit for camping & caravaning holidays

Good solid tripod base and good brand dish. complete with carry case to keep it all together.

Technomate 0.1 lnb

Best Value LNB

Having tested every lnb possible, there is no doubt this Black/Gold model from Technomate is great with most satellite packages, including Spanish TDT and Balkans which can be difficult.


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