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Why Saorsat Satellite TV here in the Uk is not possible!

The new Saorsat ( Irish for free satellite ) is not going to be possible for Irish expats in the Uk. The designers of the system have used a very unusual approach to limiting the territory over which it can be received.

Although the receivers will be normal fta boxes, the sat dish and LNB are KA band, apart from official installations in Ireland, these are not available elsewhere. To date the only use of Eutelsat 9a Ka band has been the TooWay internet by satellite.

By using very narrow spot beams the satellite Eutelsat 9a is able to make reception other than Ireland mainland very difficult


Further, the same satellite, will broadcast French channels on the same frequency and polarity ! This means unless you are nearer Ireland than France, you will probably receive nothing. Simply using a bigger dish will not be an option as the interfering signal is coming from the same satellite.

Isnt it about time all this nonsense was discarded? Why stop Irish abroad from watching their own free channels, or Spanish in the Uk from watching Spanish tv etc etc. The internet for example is so successful because there are no boundaries. Is it any wonder illegal means will spring up wherever there is a need.

For the moment then, Sky Ireland with a Sky subscription, is the only way to receive any of the free channels : RTÉ One, RTÉ Two HD, RTÉ News Now, RTÉjr and RTÉ One +.
Radio: RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ Radio 1 Extra RTÉ 2FM, RTÉ Lyric, RTÉ RnaG, RTÉ Pulse, RTÉ 2XM, RTÉ Choice, RTÉ Gold and RTÉ Chill / Junior.

Confused? Need help? Just email me with any questions. When emailing for prices of installation please send me your exact location from Google maps, this helps me to see any potential problems when installing.

For Irish viewers in South Wales or Cornwall please send me an email for inquiry.



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