How to do a good satellite installation

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A few tips :

My customers recommend me to others because I take a little care!

No mess!

Use a cable grommet to neaten up holes in the wall

If the decor is white -

Use white Cable!

Indoors use staples not cleats


Use the smallest brackets to do the job, dont use unecessarily large brackets to hold the pole off the wall, if the roof overhang is small tk
Use Galvanised brackets and an Aluminium pole to avoid rust T&K

Always use the best dish you can afford, my recommendation is Triax

* It will resist rusting for a very long time

* Triax have a range of extension arms for multiple LNBs made accurately for the dish

* The dish surface is very good compared to others, making the biggest difference when seeking a weak signal

* The adjustment is not a standard hinge mechanism, Triax's own sliding adjustment is easier to adjust when making final very small movements, as it doesnt slip down

Lash the cables with cable ties, not tape. It looks better,lasts longer and is less likely to come apart, letting the cables blow in the wind and become broken over time. cables



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