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Using a Modulator after 2016 will give poor results

On our "simple multi-room" page , I outlined the method , which has been the same since the early days of video recorders, to get your satellites sound and picture signals on to 2 or more tvs using a modulator. But..... some of the problems are:

1. The mobile phone networks now use part of the old TV band, so you risk interference and changes in frequency in the future

2. Modulators are not easy to set up, frequently you will have to make adjustments in one room, with the results of the adjustment only visible in the second room

3. Modulators are analogue devices and very limited in bandwidth, so your picture quality especially on big screen tvs will not be the best . An HD signal can have a 1.26Ghz bandwidth, a modulator will limit that to about 4.5 Megahertz YES MEGAhertz, thats roughly one threehundredth of the bandwidth!


A much better idea, giving the full bandwidth of your HD TV signal, is to use a multi output splitter. These are designed to give a full strength, full quality HD output to each of the connected tvs. For this I would recommend a powered splitter such as these. You can use the links to buy from Amazon.


If your HDMI lead to the second tv is short ( less than 9 metres ) you may be able to use a cheaper unit

Confused? Need help? Just email me with any questions. When emailing for prices of installation please send me your exact location from Google maps, this helps me to see any potential problems when installing.




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