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Manhattan XTcM Receiver



Highly recommended receiver. Very sensitive tuner, many magazine reviews and technical reviews have commented on the tuner. Compared to receivers like the ones supplied for Czech channels from the Cz republic, these are better suited to the weaker signals.

The tuning is from onboard memory of list of tp transponders. To update the list , simply do a blind search.

After searching for the tps the receiver extracts the channels on each frequency, which is a very speedy operation , compared to many other receivers.



Organising the list of channels is easy and can be done by editing the channel list, moving channels, deleting channels or storing in a favourite group is very easy to learn. All these functions are demonstrated after installation by our engineer Andrew.

back panel

Usual range of outputs for your tv:

Scart composite video

Scart RGB

Phono/RCA comp video

Digital Dolby sound out phono skt ( spdif )

back panel The unit has a modulator, a simple way of getting the signals to another room , sadly missing from new receivers built for flat screens. The tv picture can be modulated ( put onto ) an aerial cable signal anywhere in the tv band ( ch21 to 69) and tuned in on the second room analogue tuner.
back panel

To the extreme left is the RS232 socket.

The Manhattan website has a superb editor to use with the receiver, channels can be edited into groups, deleted, moved and saved using the software on a PC and a 'NULL MODEM' cable

The supplied instruction book is reasonably detailed, there is an error in the 'move channel' instruction, to move a channel to a different position in the channel list. mark it with the ok button, ok again, shift the highlight to the new position and press BLUE. One reported failure is the sound usually on very weak channels, fortunately just turning off and back on is all that is required to restore operation. The Above pictures show the xtf model, the only difference being the xtcm has card slots and a CAM slot with multicrypt decoder
The Multicrypt decoder standard with the xtcm model works with any of the Czech viewing cards SkyLink, CSLink, T&T, Gital. The decoder works with the digiTurk cards and the Al Jazeera Sports cards and many other common cards. Overall a brilliant receiver, well constructed and laid out, with very easy remote. Over the last two years of installing the black case model only one actual faulty receiver has been reported.
rem Card and CAM slot in the xtcm model

download the user manual

Hardware Information

  • DVB digital TV satellite receiver.
  • Special XT tuner for fast Blind/Power scan search.
  • Best Tuner sensitivity for capturing very low symbol rates 1-45Msps.
  • SCPC & MCPC reception from C & Ku band satellites.
  • Compatible with Universal, Single, Wide band Ku, C-band & SCR LNB.
  • 4 Digit LED front panel display.
  • Power On/Off switch.

Memory Information

  • 6000 Channel capacity.
  • 22 Favourite lists (11 for TV & 11 for Radio).
  • 78 Satellite memory with TP Data.

Channel Selection Information

  • EPG for now, next & 7 day programme via on screen channel information.
  • 9 Screen Multi-picture (Mosaic) browser.
  • Channel sorting by Alphabet, Satellite, FTA, Scrambled, Encryption & Network.
  • Last channel recall facility.
  • Last channel viewed remembered after power down.

Update & Edit Information

  • Over the Air (OTA) software upgrade including STB to STB data transfer.
  • SatcoDX compatible.
  • PC-Edit facility for all user settings.
  • Channel PID Edit facility.
  • Full edit facility of satellite, channel & TP (Add, Delete, Naming & Move).

TV Picture Information

  • PAL1, GB, DK, NTSC.
  • Zoom In / Out.
  • Picture Freeze function.
  • User settings for picture brightness & contrast.

Operational Information

  • DiSEqC 1.0,1.1,1.2 & USALS.
  • Multiple LNB switching facility via 14/18v, 22kHz & DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2.
  • Full Auto search up to 40 satellites with DiSEqC 1.2 motor.
  • Multiple search options by FTA, Scrambled, Network, TP & by channel PID.
  • Audible Signal Meter Beep.
  • Parental Lock facility for channel, menu & STB.
  • Programmable Sleep Timer up to 90 minutes.
  • 20 Events, 1-year Timer.
  • Built in Teletext & by VBI insertion & DVB subtitles.

Input / Output Information

  • LNB Input (F type) with IF signal loop through.
  • 2 SCART, TV (CVBS/RGB) with VCR/DVD loop through facility.
  • 1 RCA (PHONO) Digital Audio Output.
  • 3 RCA (PHONO) Audio Left/Right & video outputs.
  • UHF Modulator CH. 21-69 PAL I, G, K, M & NTSC M.

Graphics Information

  • 16 Bit colour On-Screen Display.
  • Picture in Menu 3D on screen display.
  • User settings for full OSD colour display.
  • Radio mode Screen Saver.
  • Games (Tetris, Minesweeper, Poker & Black jack) & Calendar.

Languages Information

  • 16 On Screen language support.
  • 5 language (English, French, German, Italian & Spanish) user manual.
  • Supports Multi-Language broadcasts.

Conditional Access Information

  • 2 Embedded card slots.
  • DVB common Interface (CI) with one CAM slot.



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