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Installation Pictures

Pole Mount Using T & K brackets

1. Rooftop Pole Mount Using T & K brackets


2. Triax Multi Dish under construction with 4 LNBs

TD78 with 4 LNBs

3. Finished Multi Dish on satellites 5'west & 9',13' and 19.2'east

Fracarro 1.25

4. For Sweden Finland Norway in the west of the Uk

A Fracarro high spec 1.25m dish

Dish on Car roof

5. Dont forget.... a 1.25m dish wont fit in the car !

 assembling a motor

6/ Assembling a Technomate motor - align the dish bracket with the moulding line on the rotor

Always cut off surplus thread length so it wont snag the cable

Spirit Level

7 Simple B&Q spirit level is perfect for pole adjustment

1m Orbital on motor

8 A few cable ties on this 1m Orbital dish keeps the pidgeons off !

TM80 twin

9. Russia 2c Package with 80cm dish and 2 twin inverto lnbs , built for 2 receivers or A twin tuner receiver

10. Polish and English : 80cm Orbital dish with technomate LNBs on a stone wall with 12inch elbow bracket


11. Really solid concrete base for a motorised 1 metre dish




12. Hotbird / Astra 1 , Tripod Wall bracket 78TD triax dish with 2 LNBs


13. Force Frontier Multi satellite dish on Tripod wall bracket


.multi Force dish

14. Force Frontier Multi satellite dish on Tripod wall bracket


15. Motorised Triax dish on 18 inch T & K brackets

T& K

16. T&K 12 inch galvanised wall brackets with adjustable position for a motor mount

T & K Brackets

17. T&K galvanised wall brackets 18 inch size



18. Safety! Using a ladder stand off to avoid leaning backwards to fit the LNB

Force bracket

19. Tripod wall bracket used for the Multi sat dish


20. 12 inch Elbow bracket with 78cm Triax dish


21 . 78cm Triax dish with Sky Minidish

Multi sat Force dish on a pole

22. Multi dish on a pole Mount

Multi LNB dish

23. Triax 78 with 3 LNB


Triax TD78 2 lnbs

24. Hotbird and Astra2 on a Triax 78cm dish


Patio Mount with Weights

25 . If you have a flat roof and dont want to penetrate the seal, you can use concrete paving slabs and concrete block weights to hold a patio mount

Additional strength

26. For additional strength with big dishes a T bracket will give lateral support

Big Force dish on Patio Mount

27 . A very solid base for any dish, even the Monster T90 Toroidal Multi satellite dish (112cm wide)



28/ Remarkable what can be achieved with good quality gear. Triax parabolic dish with Triax multi lnb adaptor

with Technomate and Inverto lnbs for Astra1, Hotbird, Eutelsat 9a, Eutelsat 7e and Thor ( right to left )

North Side Installation North 2

Over the Roof

29. Quite often, I have to install on the North side of a house, the satellites of course are all on the south side!

So the dish is usually mounted "looking over the roof" on a short pole. This should be heavy duty bracketry and pole as it will catch the full force of the wind.


30. Motor ( Technomate ) mounted on steel 2 inch pole and galvanised T & K brackets , wall bolts 3 inch into the brickwork not the mortar, bolts shortened to avoid catching the cables. Cables dressed over the top of the motor , out of the way, cable ties on the dish arm left long and pointing up to deter birds. Dish size is 1metre which was kept to below the rating for the motor which is 1.2m, in consideration of the height and exposure of the dish to the wind.

selfsat 1 selfsat 2

31. Selfsat Box-Dish easy to disguise in a controlled area. Can be covered with camophlage plastic photo material to match background

For details see Dishes in Disguise


Wall Bracket

32. Best Wall bracket - Blake - galvanised with 2 inch steel elbow Mounted with 50mm wall bolts into the brick ( not into the mortar! )

Choose the shortest possible bracket that allows for the angle of your dish.

Pick as sheltered ( from the wind ) location as possible


.T Rex ate my dish

Dinosaur Eats Dish !


bad wiring

The wiring on this installation was so untidy that the cable caught on the moving bracket and broke the Motor ! Expensive Repair

bad pole mount

The motor was installed on a fixed bracket - Motor pole mounts are supposed to be vertical !

The customer could only tune in 2 satellites. After fitting it on the correct brackets I had good signals from 18 satellites.

Long Pole

To receive over the roof this pole had to be very long, originally the 24 inch brackets were only 1 foot ( 30 cm) apart. giving very little support against the wind.

The pole was reinstalled with shorter 18 inch , heavy duty brackets mounted over 4 feet ( 1.2m) apart

Twisted Brackets

The brackets which were very poor quality and too long for the job, twisted like tinfoil and the dish hit the ground !



This Sky LNB was being used on a round 85cm dish.

Sky feedhorns are designed to match their Sky minidish elliptical reflector, not a round dish

The result was a very inefficient dish , with poor signal


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