Satellite Tv Europe

Greek Channels - Frequencies



Hotbird (13'east)

Hellas 2 ( 39'East )

ERT World


27500 11052V 30000
RIK Sat 12111V 27500 11146V 3333
KanaliVoulis 12169V 27500 11052V 30000
4E Hellas Orthodox     11052V 30000
Tele Asty     11052V 30000
902 Tileorasy     11052V 30000



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For existing customers with the Manhattan receiver.

When your receiver was installed , all the channels are in the list in its internal memory. Simply setting the receiver to re scan these, will not find any new frequencies. To obtain the channels above which have changed use:-

MENU/INSTALL/ANTENNA SETTING …….. Check that the right satellite, as shown in yellow in the table above, is highlighted , and no other.

Use these settings:-

Search Type All FTA
Scan Freq User Defined
Symbol Rate All
Start Freq from the table above, eg for Kanal 1 enter12597
Stop Freq add 1 to the Start freq, eg for Extremadura enter 12598
Polarity set to H or V as indicated in the table ( or auto)


Press BLUE to start the scan, the receiver adds any new channels to the end of its list.