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Here you can see the range of dishes used for the high power satellites, which broadcast French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Polish channels.

I would normally take at least a couple of different size dishes with me to ensure a strong enough signal, sometimes experience of previous installations in an area or for a particular group of channels, for example Arabsat, BADR or Czech main channels can be notoriously weak.

Triax 78 cm dish

The footprint or coverage of the satellite is carefully designed by the satellite operators Astra, Eutelsat etc to cover the countries concerned and to give consistant signal strength Astra1
czech In the case of the Czech republic, for example, the coverage is 'beamed' at that country. As you can see here, in the East of the Uk signal is ok, although a large dish is required. In the West the signal is very weak and may require a dish larger than that allowed by normal county council planning laws, so planning permission may be required.

Some of the European satellites are strong enough to be able to receive 2 or more satellites on a single dish, as long as their orbital position isnt too far apart, about 15 degrees is the maximum for a small parabolic dish.

Triax 64cm dish

2 LNB triaxmultisat

Normally an 'elbow' wall mount is ok for 64cm to 1metre dishes, if the dish has to face sideways, along the wall, the arm may need to be a slightly longer one

Triax 64cm dish

If the dish really needs to be above the gutter line, then strong galvanised brackets should be used with a 2 inch diameter pole minimum with dishes 64cm to 1metre. T&K
england I am based in the North but will cover anywhere in the Uk, I've installed from Penzance to Aberdeen, just ask for a quote.

This is a typical Spain2 installation, with a 64cm dish, it is capable of all the free Spanish channels from 2 satellites, the Sky minidish above shows the size comparison.

Triax 64cm dish

utube2utube1 There are videos explaining the use of the dishes for single and 2 satellites

Tell me where you are! It makes planning your installation easy. It is very easy, just go to Google maps and follow the instructions here

Demo video here

technomate A high quality receiver can be a big help when dealing with very weak signals. I recommend the Manhattan and Technomate ranges. See receivers

Dont employ cowboys, I have seen some unbelievable dish installations, for example one in Golders Green London, pointing to the North Pole! and attached with wall plugs so small that they probably wouldnt hold up a shelf! Another was a 1metre dish mounted on a chimney! Chimneys are not strong, one gust of wind and disaster can occur. Also cheap materials will rust and leave unsightly brown stains down the wall, at the very least. The Triax dishes I use are so well protected I recently came across one 20 years old and still no rust!


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