Dishes Not Allowed?

there are Solutions for some flat dwellers

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Satellite Channels with no Dish!


For Astra2 ( UK ) and Astra 1 ( German, French TNT ) There is a dish in disguise !


Self Sat Dish

The square box is a fully operational dish about the size of an old video recorder 54.5 x 12 x 31 cm. Its small size will only be effective on Astra 1 and Astra 2, most other satellites will not be able to be received and need large dishes. The 'dish' has a very flexible mounting kit, which will fix to a pole, wall , railing or balcony as in the picture above.





Close up of the adaptable bracket supplied.


Selfsat 1

Very small size compared with a standard dish

The box can be covered with sticky back plastic without it affecting performance, so a photographic

cover can be ordered, to match the background, brick, concrete etc.


The latest version, is even capable of quad output, so will work with 4 receivers or 2 Sky+ boxes

I can install one for you, complete with receiver etc. OR follow the link below to purchase and install yourself.

Tech Spec

In use the Flat antenna was fine with the Uk Sky service, I have installed in most parts of the Uk. The meter indicated a weakish signal in bad weather, but in practice I didnt see any picture freeze, it is probably as good, if installed with a good digital meter, as any standard Sky minidish. The cost is high, but if you dont have the choice, at least it will get your satellite channels and not attract too much attention.

Selfsat also offer to send you ( at a cost of £25 ) a sheet of self adhesive plastic, printed with the colour ( or pattern ) from any photo you send them, so to blend in with a red wall or brick colour, just send off the picture, then stick on the cover, then like magic, it will disappear !

French TNT

French TNT is available with the Selfsat dish ( Not Fransat ) giving you all the usual French Channels TF1, M6, France 2,3,4,5 Arte etc.

Spanish Channels

The Selfsat will work with the Spanish Digital Plus package, and with the Spain1 package group of free Spanish channels. I will soon have some dual purpose receivers, which will be able to receive the free channels from Spain AND be able to stream the free online channels Cuatro, Telecinco etc although at a lower resolution, at least it is free and not the horrendous £800/year that Digital + charge !!

German Channels

The German free channels HD and SD work fine with the Selfsat dish.

Metronic See Through Dishes!


For Most of the European satellite channels There is a dish that is almost invisible!

The Metronic dish comes in two sizes ,65cm and 85cm the smaller one is suitable for TNT( france) , UK, German Channels, Spanish Channels, the larger size for Italy , Arabic ( Hotbird only ) Fransat (FR) Canal Digitaal(Ned)



The Metronic is made of two plastic precision shells with a thin wire chain sheet sandwiched in between them. The result is very lightweight and almost undetectable at a distance. Ideal where dishes are not welcome.

Probably not strong enough for severe wind conditions, best in sheltered space eg on a wall. rather than on a chimney or on a pole raised above the roof.

Any normal LNB will fit its standard 40mm collar fitting.



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