DigiQuest Q60 Tivusat 4k Receivers

The Tivusat platform is at last to have some 4k programmes. 

Over 2020 Tivu has undergone a lot of changes,  a new encryption is now in place for all new cards. All Tivusat channels are now (almost) in  HD . Tivusat has its own “whats on Guide” and software updates  are ongoing.

The DigiQuest Q60  is their first 4k model,  simple to setup as most of the functions are semi-automatic. The Q60 is a PVR (personal video recorder ) which means you can record from the Q30’s two USB sockets, one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0, using any USB device – memory stick or USB hard drive, however, choose one of 500Gb or 1 Tb  for optimum performance. They have a second USB which is initially for updates of software directly or for time shifting live tv using a memory  stick device. Should you have any difficulty with a hard drive in the 2.0 USB socket – change to the 3.0 which can supply more current for  older drive designs.  please refer to my HDD page for more details

I can supply your card, to be activated by your own Codice Fiscale number , or pre-activated. No extra charge.


The Q series receivers have HDMI for its main TV connection, there is an AV socket if you connect via a scart with older Tvs and there is the Digital Audio output ( coaxial) which is phono/RCA type socket for your speakers/amp/soundbar connection.

The Tivusat card is inserted in the side slot  note: only for the NEW standard Tivu cards.

In tests, the Q60 performed well, a 65cm dish gave more than adequate signal for all regions of the UK for reception of all the Italian Tivu and other Hotbird channels.

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