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Q. Whats the biggest dish I can have?

A. without resorting to a groundstand mounted dish, the largest sensible size ( and legal size* ) for a motorised dish is 1 metre

Q. What does this 'Enthusiasts package' offer me?

A . The results you acheive with a system depends largely on the dish, but also on the quality of the LNB and the sensitivity of the receiver so I now have 2 motorised offerings

  Our main motorised system seen on all the other pages of the website, uses the best tried and tested components currently available, I believe it to be competitive and great value at the price and is very capable but will always be limited to the main and stronger satellites receivable with our standard 80cm dish.
For real dish enthusiasts requiring not only watchable channels but also feeds and hard to obtain weaker satellites, I have 'beefed up' the system in all respects...This package uses the Invacom LNB renowned for low noise and superb signal collection. A Triax 1m steel dish, probably the best, most accurate and well manufactured pressed steel dish on the market. Along with our award winning Manhattan receiver which is sited by 'What Satellite and Digital Tv' magazine for its sensitivity to weak signals.TO ORDER OR SEE PRICE BREAKDOWN CLICK 'MOTOR STAR' BUTTON


1 metre dish on tripod mount and concrete base 1metre square

Q. How do I know if I can have one fitted where I live?

A . It is essential for me to check, to be able to see your exact location, I will try to determine from maps and your house orientation whether a motorised dish can be fully used. Basically it requires a south facing wall and no high buildings to East or West. Also, what are your particular interests, which countries channels are you wanting to receive? Send as many details as possible using my Quote form , just click the Quote Me button here. There is a help video to assist with map coordinates.


Q. EVEN BIGGER! Arab and Middle East Channnels - BADR4 & 6 ( ArabSat) and NILESAT

A . The results you acheive with a motorised system are never quite as good as a fixed dish, as the accuracy of position is critical for these weak signals. The signals from NileSat and BADR6 satellites need a fixed dish of 1.8metre for adequate reception all year in the South of England. (BADR 4 is ok with a 1.1metre fixed dish ) .Please note, only the North transponders will be receivable with consistancy the others will fade at certain times of day no matter how big a dish is used, this is due to the scientific fact that 'signals will not go round corners' . The further north you are located in England, the worse this will be.

To motorise such a large dish to enable reception of many satellites is a completely different 'kettle of fish' - chargeable site survey, concreted groundstand, dish moving 'jack' rather than h-h motor, jack electronics and a long installation job. Note the dishes over 1.2metre are usually glass reinforced plastic and very expensive. I would be happy to discuss and quote for individual installations - please email. To give some idea of cost , the professional Channel Master 1.8m dish with groundstand, custom feedhorn, custom LNB, 18 inch Jack, Diseqc /36volt converter and bracket is over £1100 without installation.

January 2010.

A multi-section steel fixed dish of 1.8metres or 2.6metres is now available at a very reasonable price , email me with your requirements, the dishes are ground mounted and require concreting into the garden. The schedule for installing will be over 3 days ( for the concrete to set )

1 Free survey Google maps, giving an estimate of the cost

2 Chargeable site survey ( dependant on distance ) and Deposit Taken of approx 1/3 cost

3 Concreting a mount

4 Installing the dish

The dishes are suitable for Nilesat, BADR4 and 6, The South American channels Columbia, Chile etc. Email with your requirements

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