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Guide to 'Installing Vietnamese Satellite TV in the Uk'

There is just one free channel Net Viet

These can also be combined with most of the European Channels from Spain, Italy, Germany and France, using the Multi dish


Confused? Need help? Just email me with any questions. When emailing for prices of installation please send me your exact location from Google maps, this helps me to see any potential problems when installing.

Here are most of the channels you will be able to receive when ordering this package, to see prices or to order this package please click on the button below PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU WISH ME TO CHECK IF YOUR FAVOURITE CHANNEL IS FREE OR IS ENCRYPTED.

This page Last Updated MAY 2018

this colour background - free channels this colour background - card needed


Vietnam Package 1
Vietnam Vietnam 1

64cm dish with ONE free channel from Vietnam. Many more free channels from Middle East and Europe

Net Viet        
single LNB dish The dish used for this installation is the Triax 64cm, with asingleTechnomate LNB.Ensures reliable reception in all weathers and a good quality dish like the Triax on a Galvanised elbow wall bracket will be secure and free of rust for many years

What choice of Satellite Receiver will I get with this package?

I recommend the Amiko HDse

Many more channels are available with this package from the same satellite

- from Europe and Middle East


Some International channels on the same satellite

Portugal Turkey China BBC Persia Kurdistan
  Serbia Macedonia Cyprus  
Also :- Chinese, Thai, Tamil, Hungarian, Armenian, Azebahzian, Kazakh, Kurdish, Romanian, Portugese, Farsi, Turkish, Singhalese, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Vietnamese, Slovac




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