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Tunisian Satellite TV

choose your main channels and package

Here are most of the channels you will be able to receive when ordering this package, to see prices or to order this package please click on the button below PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU WISH ME TO CHECK IF YOUR FAVOURITE CHANNEL IS STILL AVAILABLE

There are many channels freely available from the middle east and top of Africa on the Hotbird satellite, this list of channels from Tunisia was updated Oct 14

I can combine French main channels with some of the French speaking African countries like Mali Tunisia Algeria Morocco Senegal on the Multi 4 dish

Tunisia Package 1 a
tunisia click to order   single 64 dish with 1LNB and all free channels from Tunisia
First TV tunisia Tunisia 1 Al Janoubiya   Plus all Arab 1c channels

single LNB dish

The Tunisia 1 Package has a 64 cm dish

U Tube video

Here's my video on YouTube showing the dish for Algeria or other single satellite


Tunisia Package 1 b
tunisia Arabic Package 2   single 125 dish with 1LNB and all free channels from Tunisia
First TV tunisia Al Janoubiya Tunisia 1 tunisia 2 Plus all Arab 1c channels

orbital dish



The Tunisia 1b Package has a 1.25 m dish

this will require planning permission

The 1b package will only work in Latitude 51' Crawley, Southampton, Folkstone and further south IN GOOD CONDITIONS


Multi satellite Package
tunisia multi


toroidal dish

In addition to Tunisian channels, this special twin reflector Toroidal dish made by Force Frontier is capable of receiving up to 4 satellites, so any of the following are possible. French Uk German Spanish or Italian

It is easy to arrange Tunisia and French together in a group

More Details


Motorised satellite Packages
tunisia motor

80cm, 1m or 1.1metre Dish on Diseqc motor


In addition to Tunisian channels, this motorised dish is capable of receiving all of the satellites over the Uk from 45'East to 45'West, so broadcasts from Europe, Eastern Europe , China Northern Africa Mediterrainean Scandinavia South America Middle and Far East are all possible with different sizes of dish

Tunisia and France can easily be arranged together in a group

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