Watch Portuguese Channels here in the UK

Portugal has 2 major broadcasters : NOS and Meo  both have been around a long time and provide very similar subscription packages. NOS was previously known as TV Cabo and ZON.

The new 2018 TDT  package offers the six most popular RTP  channels..Free

Portugal TDT

80cm dish with all NO SUBSCRIPTION Channels

What receiver will I get with this package?  The Official Samsung Portuguese TDT box. ( the ONLY box that can receive this new 2018 package) Note: users will have to create a TDT account using their Portuguese ID documents

A Single lnb coated 80cm steel dish from Triax or Technomate,  will work  in most uk areas.


80cm dish with subscription channels

Choice of 5 packages – Light, Total, Max, Light Sport, Sports Plus

Light Package shown here:

What receiver will I get with NOS. The Official Single Tuner NOS Portuguese Receiver

80cm Single lnb  coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate, which works in all areas of the UK

This is an Official package and users must create a NOS account  using their Portuguese id documents . Email me for details.

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