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July 2009 Greek tv broadcasts about 8 free channels from the 2 Hellas satellites and the Nova package of encrypted channels plus some free channels from the 3 Hotbird satellites. Our package 1a is for the free channels on Hellas. 1b is from Hotbird. For those wanting to subscribe to the Nova viewing card a quick Google of "Nova Greek tv" will reveal several card merchants. A full channel list can be seen on the Lyngsat site.

Nova continues to be in much demand in the Uk from the footballing fraternity, with its many sports channels.

Hellas along with the Turkish provider TurkSat are quite far East and it is possible that some installations may be difficult as the line of sight is quite low in the sky.

October 2013

Many of the Greek free channels are now spread over several satellites, so installations have become more difficult with multi satellite or motor dishes being the best for the channel choice. Hellas 2 at 39 deg East which used to host most of the free channels, now has only one the Rik sat ( Cyprus ). Certain channels now visible free, are associated with the OTE and Nova packages, so should not be relied upon as permenant free channels. Viewers are advised that the motorised dish is the best way to keep viewing if channels switch satellites. Greek ( and Spanish ) economies are forcing changes in broadcasting, with reductions in cost. Most of the main channels from Greece are in the Nova package which is one of the highest price card-and-box combinations.

The state public broadcaster ERT closed down in the troubles in Jun 2013. ET3 is still broadcasting ( Thessaloniki)

the 902 channel has ceased broadcasting on satellite, it may be available online.

I am checking the NET channel, although it is listed as broadcasting, I have not finished testing this frequency ( 23rd Oct )

July 2014

Greece Free Channels have changed again, many channels having gone from their long standing satellites. Eutelsat 9 is now the best for the few remaining free channels.

January 2015 update

I can now supply the OTE major Greek package, from the Eutelsat 9a satellite

Here are most of the channels you will be able to receive when ordering this package, to see prices or to order this package please click on the button below PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU WISH ME TO CHECK IF YOUR FAVOURITE CHANNEL IS STILL AVAILABLE


Greek Package 2
Greece Greek quote 78cm dish with all free channels
Kanale Voulis RIK sat


4E Art tv
      nerit sports EuroNews
Triax 2 lnb The dish used for this installation is the Triax 78cm, with twoTechnomate LNBs ensuring reliable reception in all weathers and a good quality dish like the Triax on a galvanised elbow wall bracket will be secure and free of rust for many years

What choice of Satellite Receiver will I get with this package?

I recommend Amiko HD


Greek Motorised Package
Greece motor quote 80cm dish with motor all free channels
4E RIK sat


ET3 Voulis Tileorasy
Art tv        

In addition to Greek channels, this 80cm motorised dish is capable of receiving all of the satellites over the Uk from 45'East to 45'West, so broadcasts from Europe, Eastern Europe , China Northern Africa Mediterrainean Scandinavia South America Middle and Far East are all possible . For Balkan countries Croatia Bulgaria a 1 metre is required

More Details


What choice of Satellite Receiver will I get with this package?

I recommend the Amiko receivers , the channels listed require an HD box

All these can have a Hard Drive disc added for recording your channels


Greece IPTV quote

90 IPTV Greek & Cypriot channels by internet

No dish , 2 Year Service Included

Box is posted out - no installation required

AB Action 24 Alpha Antenna 1 ART
BlueSky Chan 9 Epsilon Extra Gk Kontra
ERT 1 ert2 ert3 Kriti Kydon
Mad Macedonia Mega Cosmos Mega MTV
Nick Rik Sat Rik tv sbc Sigma
Skai Star tv star Sunny TRT local tv
Creta Voulis      
On top of the 90 live channels from Greece and Cyprus , there are many webstreams giving access to top Greek films, TV series, comedy, drama, thrillers, kids programmes, music and talk shows .

Once you receive your box through the post:

Plug in Power lead, HDMI to TV, WiFi or Ethernet to router

Put in the supplied Password and thats it .....

2 Years viewing included

Iptv box

Time Shifting: Watch Greek Channels with a 2, 7 or 12 hour delay

IPTV Box is supplied with your 2 year viewing

£280 Click to Order

Very Important:

Do not order this package until you have thoroughly tested your Internet Speed.

Test at different times of the day , ensure it does NOT drop below 4Mbs or buffering will occur


Speed testClick Image to Test your Speed


Greece ote quote

OTE Box & Card required

email for details

Channels below are incomplete - being updated

Voulis ert1 ert2 ert3 ant1
alpha Ekai star Epsilon Macedonia
kontra extra sbc 100 kriti
Star Kentrikis 4e epirus Diktyo Delta
Blue Sky apt channel 9 Best zoom
Corfu Aigio tv kosmso MotorVision  
cinema 1 cinema2 cinema3 cinema4 village cinema
Sundance Fox Life


eurosport eurosport2
sport1 Sport2 Sport3 sport4 sport5
sport6 spport7 sport8 sport extreme sports
Nat Geographic Nat Geo HD discov Discov Show Discov Science
Nat Geo Wild Animal Planet History Idx HD  
mtv   Mad Mad Hits vh1
motors AB 902 FX Alter
Nick Cartoon Net TCM ERT  
single LNB dish

The dish used for this installation is the Triax 64cm, with a singleTechnomate LNB. Ensures reliable reception in all weathers and a good quality dish like the Triax on a Galvanised elbow wall bracket will be secure and free of rust for many years


OTE Receiver is supplied

I can supply the OTE Family package or Full package



Greek Channel Frequencies


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