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Chilean Satellite TV

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Chile broadcasts normally cover only the South American territory, but one channel 'TV Chile' is available on the Nordic beam of one of Europes satellites. It does require a large dish 90cm or 1m and there are no other Spanish broadcasts on the satellite

These broadcasts have now been scrambled: please keep checking here for news of viewing cards - NOT YET AVAILABLE

Here are all of the channels you will be able to receive when ordering this package, to see prices or to order this package please click on the button below PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU WISH ME TO CHECK IF YOUR FAVOURITE CHANNEL IS STILL AVAILABLE


Chile Package 1
quote Single 90cm fixed satellite dish with free channel £300 + viewing card


Chile Package 9

Fixed 90cm satellite dish with 3 LNB with Spanish free channels from Astra Hotbird and Encrypted channels fromSirius satellites

£405 + viewing card

es el vehículo de información inmediata más importante para millones de hispanohablantes en Europa y América, y presta una especial atención a los acontecimientos de la comunidad iberoamericana. Canaria Tv Adalucia tv


Chile Motorised Package

Motorised 90cm dish for all satellites including the Chile & Spanish free channels from Astra Hotbird and Sirius satellites

£500 + viewing card

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