Adding SkyQ to a non-UK satellite dish

The only difference with the dish is the lnb, it is wideband. The 2 connectors are for Vertical and Horizontal polarisations.  Previous lnbs use standard voltage and pulse switched bands and polarisation methods

SkyQ lnb
Sky Q lnb

To use the 28.2 deg East satellite for both SkyQ AND a feed to your non-uk satellite receiver, there is the legacy Q lnb

Sky Combi LNB SkyQ + legacy quad
Legacy Q lnb

The nearest outputs are for Sky Q receivers and have Vert and Hor channels separated. Note: the Sky receiver checks the cables and auto selects the  polarity, so it is not necessary to have the cables the ‘right’ way round. 

The 4 sockets at the back are the more familiar standard lnb outputs, these you can connect to a Sky, Sky+  or any standard satellite receiver – currently any non-uk receiver, for example French TNT or German receivers.  To enable switching between the 2 services UK and German for example , a diseqc switch is used.

Before you ask….

The standard Sky dish is completely useless as a multi-satellite dish. It is just too small and there are no suitable LNB adaptors available even if it was big enough.

TM80 dish with 3 LNBs

The Triax and Technomate dishes have versatile and accurate LNB adaptors which will give a good signal with some tolerance for bad weather for the SkyQ + French or German reception and many others.