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XBMC streaming Web Video



Xfinity xbmc box

With this receiver you can have not only satellite channels of your choice, but Movies, Internet, Apps, Media, Video, Music Player as well all playing from 100% freely available web streams.

Any of the European free channels , Spanish, French , German , Russian can be received on the satellite tuner. On the web side of the box, which is under an Android operating system, the well know XBMC platform directs your choice of media to the screen.

This is to date the most successful box of its kind, mainly due to the independent tuner , in the past the Android system was used to control both satellite and Web , this is just not a good idea, so the Xfinity uses a very standard arangement for the tuner plus the innovative Xbmc system to show you the online video world.

Connection to the tv is HDMI ensuring the very best quality possible. Even the low bit rate streams show quite well using special digital filters designed especially for the purpose. Films downloaded to your hard drive or a network drive will also play. The range of video formats that work is tremendous.

The EVO made box, comes with a 2 year guarantee as standard, the Xbmc software is open source and free to download..

So dont get stuck in the past, look to the future of television with Xfinity and beyond ......

Combine Spanish Satellite Channels with Xbmc media

Telemadrid Aragon tv Adalucia tv
etb sat Canaria Tv

Combine French Satellite Channels with Xbmc Media

Package Multi - France HD Most Popular Free Channel Package
TF1 Suisse France2 France3 France5 m6 Suisse
M6 HD Suisse Arte HD W9  Suisse france 24 TV5 monde
France 'o' BFM tv TV8 mont Blanc TMC Monte Carlo tv5
Montagne LCP assemblee Nationale GRENOBLE iTele
cctvf Boutique Provence Mirabelle Vosges tv

medi one



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