Watch Polish Satellite TV Channels in the UK

 There are now very few free channels – listed below in the Poland 1 package Free Channels

NC Plus is the biggest broadcaster in Poland, bringing together channels from N, Cyfra+ and Polsat, their  prices are very reasonable and equipment has  proved to be reliable over the 11 years I have been installing.

They have a  choice of 6 packages Start, Comfort, Extra and Canal+ with Comfort and Canal+ with Extra , lastly the Full pack Premium. If you would like the channel lists in each package, to make your choice, you can download them HERE

Poland Free

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Free Polish  channels Package 1

From the Hotbird satellite these free channels are broadcast : TVP Polonia, Polonia1, Focus, 4FunTV, 4 Fun Gold, 4Fun Dance, Polo tv, Eska tv, Eska tv extra, Eska tv Rock, TVSilesia, Music Vox, Mango, Nuta tv, NTL, TO:TV, Power TV, Tele5, 

What receiver will I get with this package?  The reliable and versatile Amiko 265, the latest in the HD mini series from Amiko.

Single lnb coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate,  with tm1 or similar good lnb, with low noise and high gain. This combination gives good signal strength in most uk areas.


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Polish NCPlus  channels 

Choice of 5 packages – start, comfort, extra, Comfort & Canal+, Extra & Canal+

Below are the channels in the most popular “Comfort” package. Download ALL the packages channel lists HERE

What receiver will I get with NC+.

The Official Single Tuner NC+ Receiver


The Official Twin Tuner NC+ Receiver with built in recording drive


Single lnb with the single tuner box, or twin lnb for the twin tuner receiver, a coated steel dish from Triax or Technomate, which works in all areas of the UK

If you want to combine Polish NC+, Polsat or Cyfra + with  channels from another satellite, eg English Freesat ,  French or German, you can choose  a motorised dish or a multi satellite dish . The Ariva HD will do Polish and any FTA satellites 

Wave Frontier T55 wide angle dish

Motorised 1m dish can receive any satellite from 30 degrees west to 42 east, in most places.

Multi satellite Wide angle dish with up to 4 or 5 satellites on a Toroidal dish with 40 degree spread

Multi sat ( up to 4 or 5 satellites ) on a standard Parabolic dish – 20 degree spread



6 thoughts on “Watch Polish Satellite TV Channels in the UK”

    • You may be lucky and it might work ok, but I wouldn’t advise it, I get called in to repair weak signal problems all the time, especially on BIS French, NC+ Polish and Tivu Italian channels, hotbird signal can be tricky and it does vary a lot through the UK. Problems include picture breakup or no signal on some frequencies , sound whistling/popping. IF you’re going to use a Sky dish, make sure to adjust the skew ( rotation of the lnb ) it should be skewed a lot less than for Sky, should be almost vertical when used on Hotbird. You may have to file off the lnb ridges ( clickstops for Sky skew adjustment ) to get it right.

      To do it properly with no problems use a 65cm parabolic dish! simple and not expensive.

    • Yes I can fit 2 lnbs on one dish easily so you have Astra 2 for UK, Hotbird for NC+ Poland. I can supply you with a decoder and card that will work with both.

  1. Hi
    looking at having polish tv as a friend gave us a Technomate TM-5400CI+ receiver
    have got a 100 cm satellite but all i’m picking up is Polonia
    Would NC+ cards work with this device or does have to be NC+ devices
    thanks george

    • Hi George,
      The Technomates used to work a year or so back, but not now, they cannot process the encryption nor update.
      I can supply a single tuner NC+ box or a Twin tuner NC+ box – these update automatically.
      If you need the menu system to be in English, I can also supply the Ferguson Ariva HD, which has fastscan, to update the channels easily when necessary. Email me to order.


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