Watch Dutch tv here in the uk

There is only one free National channel – BVN which is now on the Hotbird satellite  and a  couple of regional channels on Astra 3.

Pay-tv Satellite TV from the Nederlands has been split over 2 satellites Astra 1 and Astra 3 . English programmes have been readily available on the standard Canal Digitaal platform, for the large English speaking population. A 3 lnb dish to do this is also available.

78cm dish with all pay-tv channels

Basis Channel Package

What receiver will I get with this package? 

Canal Digitaal official single tuner receiver with integrated card.

Canal Digitaal also offer the twin tuner with integrated card and  built in recording drive  

Two lnb, coated steel 80cm dish from Triax or Technomate,  with tm1 or similar good lnbs, with low noise and high gain. This combination gives excellent signal strength on Canal Digitaal in most uk areas.

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