Using a motor with Nova & Sky Italia boxes

Linking Motorised dish, Motor Driving Receiver & proprietory receivers ( Sky etc )

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Technomate and other satellite receiver manufacturers have in the past been able to read and update genuine foreign satellite viewing cards using Conax, Viaccess, Iredeto, Cryptoworks and SECA decoders in software, Over the last couple of years there has been a growing trend, to combat piracy, of changing the types of encryption to more secure ones and matching box and card numbers , so general boxes like technomate can no longer read these cards.

One problem which comes up over and over, with the introduction of 'proprietory' boxes ie. receivers with just one purpose - Sky for example, is the inability of these new boxes to control a motorised dish.

New dedicated recevers have been introduced for Nova (Greece) and SkyLink(Czech) and many others. Generally speaking these have no DISEQC controller, which means they cannot control multi satellite dishes or motorised dishes. Note Sky receivers have always been specified without controllers ( Well can you see Mr Murdoch allowing his customers to look elsewhere for their entertainment ?) AND Sky also limit the symbol rates available to the tuner to 22000 or 27500, eliminating some more foreign channels which use any other s/rated

Motor Control via TM receiver

The solution, when you have your new box, but require a motor control as well, is to use the Technomate as motor / dish controller and feed the new box from the Technomate DISH OUT socket. When you turn the TM off ( standby ) it will allow the new box to have control of the LNB

The important setting in the menu, with newer Technomate receivers, is the "Power Saving Mode" ( system menu) this must be set to OFF so the power is maintained in standby, allowing the TM receiver to pass the LNB through to the dedicated box.



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