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Q. Can I receive Uk Freesat and Sky, when I move to Europe or Africa?

Europe and Africa


A. Uk Freesat and Sky, come from a Group of Satellites Astra 2a, 2d and Eurobird1 . By looking at the following footprint or Coverage maps you can assess what size of dish is required for any area. Coverage does continue beyond the footprint area but the size is uncertain. The best advice for those areas is to seek local knowledge.


Astra2d ( Uk main channels BBC1 - Channel 4 etc )


If you have visited Southern Spain , for example Murcia, where there is a large expat community, you will know the huge 2metre dishes required for main BBC1 and Sky channel reception.

Astra 2a ( mainly Sky channels )


Eurobird1 ( mainly Secondary Channels Film4, Movies 4 men etc )


56dBW = 38cm dish - 38dBW = 150cm dish

So , receiving Sky / FreeSat from the top of Africa, is going to need a huge dish!! And Saudi / Oman etc...... probably not practical !


For a list of channels for each of the footprints above see

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