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TVE international.... changes January 2010

After a very short period of notice the TVEi channel is no longer broadcasting on Hispasat. This comes as a great shock to many viewers all over Europe on the Hispasat satellite.

I became aware of it last week 18th Jan when I began to receive phone calls and emails about TVE from my many customers all over the Uk. A quick scan of the internet revealed this item.


Written by Iñaki Ferreras Thursday, 07 January 2010 20:28 The international version of Spain's national public broadcaster TVE has ditched Hispasat's transmissions in favour of solely using its Eutelsat-Hot Bird position at 13º East where it has also transmitted over the past few years.
TVE's 24-hour news channel Canal 24 Horas has also left Hispasat and is only transmitting from the Hot Bird position.
The reason for TVE's satellite channels leaving Spain's satellite system is to concentrate its international programming on just one satellite system.
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We have managed to contact TVE in Madrid by telephone on 23rd Jan and the official line is :- TVEi will continue on Hotbird satellite. This however does not indicate whether TVEi will continue on Astra1 satellite, so my advice given the information above, is to move the dish to receive Astra1 and add an extra LNB to receive Hotbird satellite, in case TVE decide to cut the Astra transmission as well. This will mean you will have the main Spanish channels from Astra1 and the TVE from Hotbird. This is more or less the same package as from the Hispasat satellite. New customers please order package 'Spain2' ( receives 2 satellites)

The move may be difficult for some viewers already on the Hispasat satellite as the dish needs to be moved through 50 degrees, in some cases this may mean shifting the dish to another ( more easterly ) wall.

The equipment and procedure required is :- 1) Mount Extra LNB, 2) Multi LNB arm for the dish 3) connect Diseqc switch for switching the right LNB to the receiver 4) reprogram the receiver to operate the switch automatically when the viewer selects TVEi.

The Spanish channels receivable with the above system will be ( Jan 2010 )

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