Installing the Fracarro 1.25m Dish

for Arabsat, NileSat, Viasat here in the Uk

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For good reception of Viasat West of Birmingham/Oxford

or Nilesat/Arabsat North of Birmingham

The superb Fracarro 1.25 metre dish will give signals where smaller dishes fail , but installing can be a long job and this requires some heavy duty attachments


Confused? Need help? Just email me with any questions. When emailing for prices of installation please send me your exact location from Google maps, this helps me to see any potential problems when installing.

This page Last Updated July 2012


f The aluminium Fracarro dish is well protected with polystyrene fracarro The Azel mount kit comes in a separate box
f Start by assembling the 2 U bolts in the clamp azel Next the three long bolts in the dish elevation swivel
ferracc bolt on the stop plate at the top of the clamp fracarro The clamp is now complete
asdf bolt the clamp inside the main assembly with the three elevation swivel bolts. k The elevation assembly should only be secured b the bottom nut at this time. Using the spacer, attach the elevation adjustment threaded bar
fd Now attach the adjuster arm with the remaining 2 nuts gf Secure the adjuster on to the arm. It is helpful to adjust to approximately this position before mounting the azel unit.
reserved for elbow mount      
sd mount the azel unit onto the 55mm elbow mount as Tighten the clamp in a suitable angle to be able to reach the dish studs from both sides
adeg Tighten the elevation adjuster to assist fitting the dish asd Mount the Azel unit on the elbow wall mount
df   sd Fit the dish with the 8 bolts and nuts with nylon shakeproof nuts
    To be continued  


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