Do I need a tv_license

Updated Oct 2018

If you are watching or recording a live broadcast, by aerial, satellite or streaming online (iplayer,Netflix, Prime etc ) …… YES you should have a license.

If you are playing content that you downloaded as a file, rather than streamed, then No, you don’t need one, as it isn’t a ‘live’ broadcast. Note this doesn’t apply to downloading BBC programmes on iplayer – you Do need a license it that case.

Other European countries have reciprocal arrangements.

This is a common query by landlords with tenants from abroad, so if you’re renting accommodation, do look into this!

If you are a lodger or the room is not self contained, or you don’t have your own separate tenancy agreement, then you probably don’t need a license, you would be covered by the home owners license, but do check with tvlicensing to be sure .

More Information can be found on the BBC site,

This is the interpretation of the legal situation re tv licensing, of the author and should not be relied on as a defence !  Please read the official website above.

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