Amiko MIRA X receiver

Amiko model MIRA X


The latest receivers from Amiko are Android OS based, so will be familiar to Android phone users. 

The box is for Satellite and IPTV .

Satellite (DVB) Installation is through the “Install ” section of the menu , which is well down the ICONS , on the second row. 

Several popular services are included on the fast-scan menu, including German, which will delight non techy customers wanting the German channels. One click and it searches for the German channels , then puts them in the usual order – Das Erste, ZDF, RTL……. found in German homes. 

The box has a card slot for Conax cards. The primary output is HDMI, but there is a legacy AV output via a 3.5mm plug and adaptor cable (not included ) . There is a remote sensor, which can be plugged in if your receiver is in an awkward position, where the remote IR signals may be difficult (included) 

Review:  Having installed quite a few now, they seem to tick all the right boxes, easy to install and re-install , for non expert customers. Good sensitive tuner will work fine on a 65cm dish or even a Sky dish for some satellites.

For complicated channel lists and multi-satellite dishes, the MIRA X has the facility to load lists in the same way E2 ( Enigma2) boxes do, so you can edit the list on a PC, then send it to the MIRA receiver. 

I did notice, that when first viewing channels installed with the fast-scan, the receiver had some difficulty setting its parameters  correctly, however, just persevere with it – change to another channel then back to the first one – once it settles and the picture appears, the problem vanishes and the channel is selectable every time.

Overall excellent results, reliable and good quality, remarkable for the price. Highly recommended.