What can I see using a Motorised Dish ?

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Over a long period of time I have tested the components ( receiver/dish/motor/LNB) I use in the MOTOR package and selected them for

Check out the table below to see which satellites are available and what dish size is required.

IMPORTANT, there will be differences in where you are in the Uk, not all satellites have an even coverage, so bigger dishes may be required on certain satellites. Some have weaker signal in the North , stronger in the South eg Nilesat, and some have weaker signal in the West and Wales eg the Czech signals SkyLink from Astra 3.

When installing it is essential that you have a 'view' of the satellite arc unblocked by trees or tall buildings from about 40 degrees either side of due south

So make sure you send me your EXACT location, click on the COORDINATES tab above to get your map reference and email me for a free quotation on any installation

With an 80cm dish you can receive most of the common satellites used over Europe and a good many from the Middle East . A motorised system is ideal for those wanting many languages and countries, sports followers, watchers of animal programmes and international News . 80cm is a great compromise between cost and value in terms of number of channels available.

With a 90cm dish there will be more choice, especially in London and the South

With a 100cm dish some viewers in the South and London will be able to see Arabsat, Football followers can have Tring from Albania

With a 110cm dish Arabsat is available even in the North of England Nilesat Mena channels are available. The very popular SkyLink from Czech rep. is ok

With a 120cm dish the cost rockets by £200, but the Viasat Football channels are now available in most of the Uk showing all 380 matches.... Hooray!

Should your favourite program or channel move from one satellite to another - as certain countries are notorious for doing! No problem, a few buttons to press, move the dish to the new position and its back.

Q how does a motorised dish work?

A . The satellites are all positioned around the earths equator in synchronous orbit so from the ground they appear to be in an ARC across the sky, the mount that the dish is on allows the dish to follow the arc and pickup signals from each one as the motor moves it East or West to the new satellite position. Modern electronics have managed to manufacture a system with a single cable carrying the positioning command, the power for the motor and the signal back to the receiver.

Each Satellite is identified by its angle, starting at Greenwich which marks 0 degrees, Hotbird for example is in orbit at 13 degrees to the East ( of Greenwich ) the strength of the signals from each satellite are different. They are meant to be received in the country of origin of course, so towards the edge of the 'footprint of the signal', there is a need to increase the size of the dish to compensate. Here the quality of the LNB and the sensitivity of the receiver can make a big difference. The Manhattan and the Technomate are very well proven in low signal conditions so I recommend them. For the weaker satellites such as the Czech Republic and Turkey I can offer a larger size of dish on a motor .



Czech Here the official Satellite footprint for Astra 3 shows clearly that in Norfolk and East Anglia the dish size needed is Imetre and further inland it will have to be much bigger
The combination of wall mounting for a little shelter, a high quality dish like the 1 metreTriax shown here and a Technomate motor will give years of good service and accurate positioning, once set up correctly motor
80cm Orbital
Triax 1metre motorised dish Orbital with Invarcom LNB
cables fouled Avoid silly mistakes like this. I found this installation in Bradford with the untied cables fouled by the dish clamp, the connection eventually broke and I was called in to repair at huge cost compared to the 2 cable ties required !


Table showing satellites you can receive , the min dish size and links to pages showing the channel lists


Degree Satellite Main Languages/ packages Min Dish Size Links to Channels
West     north/south Uk  
30 Hispasat Spanish/Portuguese (Tv Cabo, Zon,CanalPlus) 64cm

Spain Portugal

24 IntelSat 905 Latin America (TeleVisa) 90cm Spain Latino
22 NSS 7 Algeria 80cm Algeria
18 Intelsat 901 Macedonia Albania 90cm Albania Macedonia
15 Telstar Iran + mix 80cm Iran
12 Eutelsat12west/Atlantic Bird 1 Serbia + mix 90cm Serbia
8 Eutelsat8west/Atlantic Bird 2 Arab 90cm Arab
7 Nilesat ( Middle east beam Arab 150/200cm Arab
7 Nilesat ( MENA beam) Arab 110/120cm Arab/English
5 Eutelsat 5west/Atlantic Bird 3 French 64cm France
1 Thor Czech Hungary Romania Slovak(UPC)(Digi) 80cm

Czech Hungary Romania

5 Astra 4 ( Europe beam) Russian Ukraine Lithuania Romania(Akta) 90cm Russia Ukraine Lithuania Romania
5 Astra4 ( Nordic beam) Latvia

Wales180cm, East Uk 110-120, West&south coast Uk 120-150

Viasat *
7 Eutelsat W3a Turkey(Digiturk) 90cm Turkey
9 Eutelsat9A/Eurobird 9 Hungary(Hello) 80cm

Russia Hungary

13 Hotbird Italian( Sky) Greek(Nova) Arab(Al Jazeera) Spanish 64cm Italy Greece Spain
16 Eutelsat W2 16 Romania Bulgaria Albania Armenia Croatia Kosovo Serbia 100cm Romania Balkans
19 Astra 1 German French Spanish 64cm Germany Spain France


Eutelsat W6 Arab 100cm Arab - Iraq
23 Astra 3 Czech SkyLink 80cm Czech
23 Astra 3 Dutch 64cm Dutch
26 BADR 4/ Arabsat4 Arab 110/120cm Arab
28 Astra 2 Uk ( FreeSat) (Sky) 46cm Uk
39 Hellas2 Greek 80cm Greece
42 Turksat Turkish 80cm Turkey

* above 120cm should be ground mounted

FOOTBALL viewers......... check out the Live On Sat website to find which matches are on each satellite

Please use our Quote Me form to send your exact location and to ask any questions about 80cm motorised dishesLOLquote For help with the coordinates watch the help video

for more info on the bigger 1metre dish follow

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