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Meosat and Wisi Receivers

2017 Update: Thomson THS805


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Thomson HD THS805

I've installed many of these, they have been very successful and reliable.

Installation ( menu in French or English ) is very simple, the French channels are tuned and sorted automatically.

Thomson also make a very similar receiver for the Czech Skylink company and that has been equally good.

There is a remote sensor input which can be used if the receiver needs to be out of sight.

The power unit provides 12 volts, so this receiver would be equally at home in a camper van touring la belle France!

Recording is possible using a standard USB recording drive ( or even a pen drive )

See HDD drive page and Amazon


Meosat 101S



card pack

instructions ( fr)



Well laid out remote

To access the list of channels either menu ( centre button) or chan list


Card slot in front

Card should be inserted with logo upright


Wisi OR03

Wisi OR03 receiver

The current model supplied for FranSat tv, is the Wisi OR03. About the same size as the MeoSat, the card is visible, as it does not have a cover.It goes in with the bar-code and word "FRANSAT" upwards. Insert the card only AFTER checking the tuning on a free channel like TMC monte Carlo. Do not switch on the receiver until you have a working and correctly aligned dish.

The OR03 displays the time when in standby and the channel number when switched on and working.

The favourites list feature is a little disappointing, despite the instructions saying that multiple lists can be created, I could not find the ICON onscreen to do this, several installations have been achieved with the Wisi box but non had the necessary icon displayed so I must assume it is a mistake in the book. However, with careful choice of WHEN to store each favourite channel, a satisfactory arrangement of channels can be stored in the single available favourite list..

The one feature which is a great boost for those wanting to see the French channels in another room, as well as the room where the box is installed, is that the Wisi has an on-board modulator. That is to say it can put the picture signal on an aerial cable link to the second room.On a recent installation the modulator was adjusted to Uk tv standards "PAL I" and it then tuned in on a Philips UK tv just fine.

If you want the Wisi receiver cabling to an existing aerial distribution system, this can be arranged. Don't forget to ask me before the day of installation though!

Overall the Wisi product was well made, the remote responsive and the picture quality very good on both scart output and modulator outputs.



card pack

instructions ( fr)

remote control


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