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Your Country click on your countrys flag to see what channels are available
package 1 Package 1 has a fixed position single dish with a single LNB to receive just one satellite
  Packages 1a 1b 1c are all the same price
Package 2 ( 3,4 ) Package France 2 has a fixed twin dish so can pick up tv channels from 2 satellites . Package 3 and 4 use similar fixed dishes but with 3 or 4 LNBs
Package Multi Special wide angle fixed position dish capable of receiving 3 or more satellites
Package Motor Top of the range - motorised satellite system
Channels this is the channel logo as it appears on the screen identifying the channels in a package, the Grey background indicates that it is a free channel
Encrypted channels

This channel on a pink background is encrypted and requires a decoder ( viaccess etc ) and subscription card like BIS etc

Many of our receivers come with a Multicrypt card decoder built in which can read genuine viaccess, irdeto cryptoworks SECA mediaguard and conax cards


Lead Time all packages one & two are from stock usually next day installation depending on area. Typically installation takes 4 or 5 hours please allow at least this amount of time when making appointments.
Viewing Cards Please note that the broadcasters may change or stop any of the channels or the whole package at any time without notice. SatelliteTvEurope cannot be responsible for the actions of Broadcasters, information on current status of any offer is posted on the website as soon as it is received. No refunds on Viewing Card payments are possible.
Where can we install We install anywhere in the Uk. Please click on the 'Quote Me' link to get an estimate for your package
Maintenancecontracts we will be pleased to quote for maintenance on all our installations
Can I use a sky box

the simple answer is NO. Digital TV comes in such a variety of formats that the sky receiver is just not versatile enough. It will only store an extra 50 channels, it will only process two symbol rates so the number of extra channels it can receive is very small. It will also lose the settings for these new channels if it is neccesary to reset any sky channels. It cannot drive a DiSeqC autoswitch to select another LNB for multi satellite use. It will not power a motor unit. It does not have a CI slot for a CAM . It does not have any embedded encryption decoders like Viaccess, Irdeto or Conax. We will not undertake to install Sky or any other set top box with our standard packages

I already have Sky do I have to have 2 dishes

On most installation using our 'Package 3' the new dish can incorporate the sky satellite, with a separate cable to the sky box, so you may only need one dish. You would need to check this - just ring or email with your requirements. However planning regs have recently been modified allowing 2 dishes to be installed without planning permission. ( see planning permission )

Planning permission Houses and buildings up to 15 metres high

Unless your house (or the building in which you live) is in a designated area, you do not need to apply for planning permission to install an antenna on your property, as long as:

* there will be no more than two antennas on the property overall. (These may be on the front or back of the building, on the roof, attached to the chimney, or in the garden);
* if you are installing a single antenna, it is not more than 100 centimetres in any linear dimension (2) (not including any projecting feed element (3), reinforcing rim, mounting and brackets);
* if you are installing two antennas, one is not more than 100.

to see the whole government regulation documents go to

Site survey

The ideal situation is if your house has a south facing wall , this is more critical if you need to receive more than one satellite or with a motorised dish.


Why not? Dishes for anything other than Sky or Freesat are just too large to mount on a chimney, to be secure , a 65cm size or bigger needs a solid 'elbow' type steel wall bracket. To drill into the bricks of a single skin brickbuilt chimney for wall plugs, can cause serious cracks in the mortar, which is why aerial contractors use chimney lashing kits, not wall brackets.

To save travelling to sites and being unable to install, use our 'Free Online Survey' using Online maps and some satellite software we will be able to confirm ( or not ) that you will be able to receive the channels you want and recommend where the dish will be mounted. This is usually done by email as it involves pictures from Google or Bing Maps

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